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Posted on: 10/12/08 12:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Today (actually, it’s now past midnight, so I guess I mean “yesterday”…  I’m referring to Saturday) was another fun day hanging out with some youth ministry friends at the National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento. I’ve been blogging about it several days now if you need to be caught up.

Today I got together with my buddy from Dare to Share, Greg Stier. He’s always a kick. He’s passionate about evangelism, combined with a full life experience (tons of stories) and a keen sense of humor. We recorded some stuff for you guys… so you’ll be hearing from him soon in both podcast and our new “4 Minutes of Ministry” mini-videos.

I also connected with my local youth worker friend Andy Matzke. Those of you who are THE SOURCE Podcast listeners might recognize his name… he’s been in several podcasts, the most recent being the one where he brought two student leaders on with him- great podcast! Andy and Greg’s heart beat at the same pulse. They both have a passion for evangelism, caring about the whole person, physically and spiritually. It was fun hanging with both of them together and hearing them dialogue.

After hanging with just those two, we re-joined Brandon (who I’ve been hanging with all week) and my good buddy Fred Lynch from Dallas. Fred is the editor  of our popular online slang dictionary, and author of a couple books, including the e-book we did together, What’s a Fo Sheezy, and his Hip Hop version of Gospel of John called The Epic. Tonight he got to do a little bit of that on mainstage at the conference. Some sweet beats from my Texas brotha!

Tonight I did some last minute prep for my two sessions I teach tomorrow. Both are new to this conference… one is a session I’ve never done before (“Using 10-Minute Talks”). I’ve incorporated some fun media and interaction… I’m looking forward to it.

Almost 1 AM… busy week. I better hit the sack!



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