A Book a Day

Posted on: 05/6/12 3:29 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This week I’ve decided that I’ll give away “a book a day.”

Here’s how it will work. This week I’m going to be doing some last minute youth culture research to update my parenting workshops, then I’m heading down to the FAM Conference in SoCal, hanging with Doug Fields, Jim Burns, and teaching the parenting track. I’ll make sure and Tweet throughout the week during my research, my blogging, my travels, as well as from the conference. Your job is simple:

ReTweet whatever you think is interesting.

If you don’t follow me on Twitter yet, just jump on my Twitter page and hit the Follow button. Then if I Tweet something about what’s new on the iTunes’ Top 10… reTweet. If you like some of the research I Tweet about teenagers and their entertainment media consumption…reTweet. If I Tweet about what Doug Fields is eating for lunch…reTweet!

The more you reTweet, the more chances you have to win the free book of the day. Monday’s book will be Duffy Robbins new book from YS, Building a Youth Ministry That Builds Disciples. The rest of the books will be announced each day on my Twitter page.

I’ll randomly select a winner from the reTweets of each day and Tweet it at the end of the day M-F this week on my Twitter page!

If you don’t have a Twitter account, just pop on Twitter.com and sign up for free, and then pop on my Twitter page Twitter.com/InJonathansHead and hit FOLLOW. It’s that simple.

Happy Tweeting!

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