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Posted on: 04/9/12 3:35 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I got a little something for everyone today: free books, free admissions to a brand new conference you’re gonna love, 50% discounts, and… a new workshop I’m launching.

UPDATE: We’ve posted winners of this contest near the bottom of this post!

I’ve been looking for a venue to introduce my new parenting workshop, “Get Your Teenagers Talking,” so when Doug Fields called me a few weeks ago and asked me to teach the parenting track at their FAM Conference, May 10-12 in Southern CA… I knew this would be the place to debut this fun new workshop where I help parents open up the channels of communication in their homes and connect with their teenagers.

I also thought this would be a good opportunity to give away some free stuff to my blog readers, like two free admissions to the FAM Conference! For those who don’t win, Doug has provided me with a code for all of my blog readers that will give you 50% off admission if you sign up in the next two weeks. (More on these prizes and discounts in a minute.)

I really love what Jim Burns and Doug Fields are doing with this fun little conference at Azusa Pacific University. Jim and Doug are hosts, and they’ve brought out some amazing speakers like Jim Daly, George Barna and Dr. John Townsend (to name a few). Then they offer different tracks like my parenting track, a “Sticky Faith” youth ministry track taught by Kara Powell, or the children’s ministry track taught by author/speaker Christine Yount-Jones. There are 8 tracks total (see here).

One element I really like is the fact that, in addition to the tracks you choose, the FAM Conference offers Saturday seminars taught by all the workshop teachers so attendees can get a taste of a different track. So, for example, you could attend Kara’s youth ministry track on Friday, then come to my parenting track Saturday, which is when I’ll be debuting my “Getting Your Teenagers Talking.” (Friday I’m teaching my “Parenting the Texting Generation” workshop.)

But I guess the element that is the biggest plus of this conference is something that Jim and Doug have always brought to their conferences… personal attention. This conference offers very intimate sessions where you’ll have a chance to interact with the speakers. Plus, speakers like Jim, Doug and myself always make ourselves available at these kind of conferences to talk with you over meals and even one-on-one times. Well worth the price… especially the 50% discount price!

This conference is only about 5 weeks away! So let me cut to the chase and give you the DISCOUNT and CONTEST DETAILS:

50% Discount to FAMConference– Just pop on this page to register and enter the word “Doug” (no quotes) in the “special code” box and you’ll receive a 50% discount off all who register! (If you win the contest, your money will be refunded.)

Free Admission to FAMConference(UPDATE: This winner for this has now been chosen- we’ll post it soon!) I’m giving away two free admissions to this conference. The contest is simple. Just submit a comment in this blog and complete this sentence: “I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker…” I’ll randomly draw a winner in just a few days and post it on my blog. And just for fun, I’ll go ahead and throw a couple copies of my parenting book in the mix of prizes, Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent.

WINNERS: Congratulations to David Shade of Whittier, CA! You are the winner of the two free passes to this FAM Conference! (Make sure we connect there! I’d love to meet you!)

Congratulations to the following people who won copies of my book, Candid Confessions of an Imperfect Parent. Use the CONTACT US button at the top of this blog to email me your address so I can send you a copy!

Sharon Stoltzfus

Brandi Barnette

For more details about the FAMConference, go to

If you’re interested in bringing me out to your city to teach this new parenting workshop, Getting Your Teenagers Talking, CLICK HERE.

18 Replies to “Something Unique from Doug and Jim”

  1. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker spoke about the current sexual battles teens face and how parents should be involved.

    1. Thanks Kyle, good input. You’re not alone. A lot of parents seem to struggle with how to listen to their kids and communicate with them effectively about this topic.

  2. “I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker would pay my airfare & hotel bill! & Hey while I’m dreaming toss in expenses for the wife and a nice dinner at a great local place”

  3. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker…could guarrantee I would have a better relationship (love them easier) with my teenagers afterwards. 🙂

    1. Ha… I don’t know about guarantee, but yes, help you have a better understanding of their world and provide you with the tools to connect with them.

  4. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker was awesome like–Jonathan McKee, and gave some real-life practical advice for changes to make in my home to grow a Christ-honoring family.

    1. Awe… Julie is too sweet. I just got the opportunity to see Julie in action when I did a parenting workshop in her church a few weeks ago. Julie is an amazing youth worker who is making a difference in her church and her own home. Keep up the good work Julie!

      1. Thanks, Jonathan. I meant it though. You did a great job and parents are still buzzing about your workshop/training. It really opened some eyes and we’re already talking about bringing you back! We’d love to get you speaking to parents in our school system. Keep speaking and teaching, we appreciate you and our world needs more people with your heart, integrity, knowledge, and passion. thank you!!!

  5. I would definately attend a parenting worksop if the speaker would … teach about how to deal with the growing homosexual trend in our teenage society.

    1. That is definitely one of the growing issues that God’s people are struggling to know how to respond to. I encourage you to jump on our YOUTH CULTURE WINDOW page and check out some of the recent articles we’ve written about it- for example, the Lady Gaga BORN THIS WAY article.

  6. I would definately attend a parenting worksop if the speaker would … talk about the dynamic of having your own kids enter the youth group. (My oldest just did) (sadly though i can’t come the the conference, but had to comment, it sounds great though!)

  7. I would attend a parenting workshop if it would help me relate better to the parents of the teens that attend my youth group (Aftershock) I have tried to connect with kids outside of church by going to games and taking them out for a coke, and some of the parents don’t want me to because of the stranger danger or the bad rep that youth pastors have of sexual relations with youth that people hear about in the news. I am not offended by that (as a parent I understand) but I was just hoping after 10 months of their kids attending youth and me meeting with them at their house about 3 ( meeting with the parents) times that they would allow me the honor of meeting with there teens in a public setting at pizza hut and just talk and get to know them over a pizza but it is still a no go.

    1. That’s a common frustration Nick. I don’t know if that’s something we’d teach at a parent workshop, but that is definitely something that deserves some ongoing attention in youth ministry circles– our relations with parents. In my book CONNECT I devote an entire chapter to talking about the boundaries and precautions we need to take today. You actually seem to be doing many of the basic principles: meeting the parents (great practice that so many avoid), attending activities on their turf, etc. Keep up the good work.

  8. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker:
    -Shared ideas on reaching the unchurched parents of our youth group members
    -Shared tips on teaching our kids (home and church) on being faithful and commited in all areas of their life.

  9. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker could show us ‘beginner parents’ how exactly to USE the word of God to lead our children better. I mean by application — that’s the tough part and so is figuring out how to even get started!

  10. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker…
    a) was an actual parent of kids who still live at home (and having followed this site for about 5-6 years now, it is something I respect about you). I’ve been to a bunch of Youth Ministry workshops where the speakers haven’t worked with youth in the last 20 years. Kinda bugs me…
    b) isn’t afraid of pissing me off. Truth hurts… I get it… I would much rather someone give me solid advice that is honest and true than to just give me a pat on the back and tell me I’m doing a good job. Learning is growing and stretching… growing and stretching hurts.
    c) brought his dad… I met your dad a few years ago at NYWC and he was awesome! Hope he is doing well!

  11. I’d definitely attend a parenting workshop if the speaker could tell this new Family Pastor what in the world he’s gotten himself into.

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