Doctor’s Orders

Posted on: 09/3/12 1:43 PM | by Jonathan McKee

A little over a decade ago Lori and I used to go water-skiing and kneeboarding a few times a week. Then, due to a degenerative eye condition, I had to have cornea transplants. My doctor told me, “Pick a new sport.” Apparently when your eyeballs are sewn back together, they don’t do really well when they impact water at 30mph.

So for the last decade, every time I go on a boat with a friend… I drool. Then my wife looks at me the way a wife can look… and says, “Jonathan!!!” (which really means… “Don’t even think about it.”)

But every once in a while (like on our church family camp out this last weekend) I’ve gone out behind a boat on a kneeboard anyway. After all… I’m always really careful and don’t do anything stupid!


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  1. Tomorrow night I’m talking about YOLO. Thanks for a good pic to illustrate the stupidity of this line of thought. Smiley face.

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