Did You Miss It?

Posted on: 03/21/08 8:28 AM | by Jonathan McKee

“This is an awareness test.”

That’s how this 55 second viral YouTube video starts. Go ahead… give it a try. Because during this Easter season, this “test” brings up a pretty good point.

Watch closely: 

It’s easy to miss something you’re not looking for.


Don’t miss celebrating the true meaning behind Easter this weekend.

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One Reply to “Did You Miss It?”

  1. We did something kind of interesting with the cell phone stuff. We had one particular teen that was a major offender with texting in youth group. We pulled her aside and used her as an example for the rest of the group. We bought a fake cell phone and gave it to her before youth group. We told her to act like she was texting during the message. We staged it that one of my youth leaders would pretend that he lost it, flipped out, and broke the cell phone. It was hilarious. The whole youth group thought that this leader has lost his mind. No one knew that it was staged and my leader broke the cell phone on the ground. We took it as far as that I (youth pastor) pulled this leader out of the group in the middle of the group and pretended to scold him in the hallway. The teens were blown away and when we clued them in, they thought it was hilarious. We actually fooled the other youth leaders too. Needless to say, our worst offender is now our biggest ally in stopping cell phone use in youth group. She actually now sends a basket around at the beginning of group and collects all Ipods, cell phone, and any other electrical devices. It also helps that all the youth leaders surrender there phones as well. We believe in the modeling the same behavior we expect from our teens.

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