Developing Spiritual Growth in Teenagers

Posted on: 12/13/10 3:30 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week my friend Tim Schmoyer (Most of you know him from his web site was visiting Sacramento and we connected for breakfast, chatting about discipleship, student leadership and the general direction youth ministry is heading. Good times!

Afterwards, he shot a quick little video with me for his website– a chance to chat just a bit about creating opportunities for students to serve in our ministry, and he gave a rather obnoxious plug for my brand new book, “Ministry by Students” … fun stuff.

Take a peek here.

3 Replies to “Developing Spiritual Growth in Teenagers”

  1. haha! And if by obnoxious you mean graceful and eloquent, than yes. 😉 It’s a good book and deserves a bit more than subtle, “Oh wait, did they mention a book in that video?” Good stuff, Jonathan.

  2. I think he is trying to cover his your face while marketing his own face, thats why he continues to flash back to his face LOL

    Developing Student leaders are essential in youth ministry

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