Just Dad and Me

Posted on: 09/16/11 9:57 PM | by Jonathan McKee

This morning I hopped on a plane and flew down to Southern California where I’ll be talking to teenage girls about self esteem and then teaching one of my parenting workshops. But this weekend has an added bonus… I get to hang with Alec, my 18-year-old who just moved down here in Southern California to go to college.

When I was booked to speak at a Riverside church and do my parenting workshop (quite a few of these parenting workshops around the country in the next couple months), I was pumped because I knew I’d get to visit Alec. The McKee house has felt a little empty lately without him. It’s been bizarre setting only four places at the dinner table and passing his empty room every day. (There’s been quite a few tears shed.) So Alec got a pretty big hug when I saw him this afternoon.

I took him to my hotel, we talked, ate some of the free food, and watched a movie. Then I took him to one of his favorite but simple vices– Round Table Pizza and the two of us laughed as we downed a large pizza together.

It’s interesting seeing Alec on his own, making 98% of his choices by himself… being the man. By God’s grace (certainly not by my parenting) Alec has turned out to be a great kid. We’ll get a few hours together tomorrow… then, once again, I’ll do the difficult task of driving away seeing him wave through the back window.

To those parents with your kids still in the house… cherish every moment! Overtime can wait. Go hang with your kids!

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  1. Thanks Jonathan for this timely reminder. Life happens too fast! It’s so important that families find something that they can enjoy doing together – even if it’s as simple as watching movies & eating pizza! For us it’s tennis. For some reason everyone in our family has gravitated to the sport. Time to set up a family match!

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