College Shopping

Posted on: 07/7/10 6:44 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m on vacation with my family this week in Southern California visiting colleges with my kids.

Some of you may remember when my son Alec and I did a little of this last fall. We’re doing it again, this time with the whole family.

We started in Santa Barbara at Westmont College, where I went. Westmont is a beautiful campus, and most of all, a great Christian environment that encourages kids in their faith. We had a counseling appt and a tour. My kids loved it.

I think Westmont and Biola are Alec’s top two choices. I’m excited for him.

A funny addition to this story is my 12-year-old Ashley. Ashley has always wanted to go to Westmont “like her dad.” She’s an amazing kid… soooooo driven! She runs track and plays soccer. So last week I shot an email out to the track coach and soccer coach, explaining that we’d be there and that a “12-year-old” would like to meet them. I thought, “Yeah, right.”

Both responded and welcomed the opportunity.

So yesterday, we sat in the office of the track coach, and he asked Ashley some incredible questions. “Tell me what made you start running.” “Tell me about your faith.”

You should have seen my little 12-year-old answering questions like a senior in high school. The coach was amazed. I was amazed. Such a proud moment for dad!!!!

Alec is still looking at schools. Ashley is determined to go to Westmont. 🙂

Today we’re off to Biola and Vanguard, then down to San Diego.

Peace out!

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  1. Did you check out Pepperdine University in Malibu? Nice Christian campus and you cannot beat the location!

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