Since Sex is a Reality in College…

Posted on: 06/28/12 10:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Last month I attended too many graduation parties to count, high school seniors from our church saying goodbye to high school and hello to college. I wonder if their parents know what’s in store for them at Freshman orientation? The video, a YouTube video I tweeted about early this week, below provides an eye-opening glimpse.

I always find the discussion interesting comparing Christian colleges to secular universities. I’ve seen plenty of Christian kids go off to secular schools and live out their faith like “Daniel,” resolving not to get caught up in the culture. But are all our high school grads equipped for what they’ll hear?

Take the subject of sexual activity. The CDC just reported that 63.1% of high school seniors have already had sex by the time they walk across the stage and collect their diploma. In college, the pressure is on. If you aren’t having sex… you’re in the minority. Add drinking into the mix, and sex turns into sexual victimization (don’t believe me, check out this Rutgers study that I blogged about a little while back).

So what’s the world’s answer to this? Well.. check out this video, filmed by a student at a recent freshman orientation at a college. (Oh yeah… this isn’t a secular university)

What’s your reaction to this?

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  1. They kinda forgot to mention the fact that “safe sex” doesn’t actually protect you from 6 of the top 8 STDs (according to the National Institutes of Health in the year 2000). Furthermore, they forgot to mention that there’s no condom for the heart. Nice work, Gustavus…

  2. Disgusting!!! And this was a CHRISTIAN college? My gosh! Wish I knew which one it was so we could make sure our son doesn’t transfer there!

  3. I thought I would send a email to the college since it does proclaim faith (Lutheran) was one of it’s primary values. Here is my email:

    Dear President and Staff,

    I was wondering if you are aware of the freshman orientation video concerning sex from your university? Here is a link:

    If I were a freshman student or a parent of a student, I would be alarmed at all of the sexual suggestions being made in this video. I am sure there was some good intent, but perhaps everyone does not want to know every sexual option available.

    The most troubling aspect it to find out the your university emphasizes faith with “a mature understanding of the Christian faith.” Where do you find these sexual suggestions in scripture?

    I am aware the most adults and college students are engaging in some kind of sexual activity and it is reasonable for a school to offer helpful advice. I am not sure this skit is the most appropriate method to do that.

    Thank you,

    Charles Wallis

  4. So disturbing… I honestly cannot believe they would allow something like this at a freshmen orientation. I was hoping they were getting ready to show “diseases” or things like that instead of the trash that was shown. So sad.

  5. It is things like this being allowed in colleges (especially “Christian” colleges, who are supposed to stand apart, as Christians are supposed to stand apart) that is causing and/or contributing to the sexual and family problems today. Expressing the reality of an issue is not the same as condoning and promoting it. Christians should understand and express the reality of premarital sex; however, a Christian university should also make every effort to promote Christlike activity in their lives (and that includes their sex lives). Where do youth and/or college students turn if they are seeking biblical standards by which to live? I would guess most students would turn to a Christian college in hopes of a good education surrounded by an environment of moral character. With things like this going on, it looks like they have nowhere to turn. This just magnifies the desperate need for personal faith within oneself that will stand against the culture. Is faith driving culture or is culture driving faith? This is what the college needs to ask itself when considering what it allows to be portrayed and this is what every student needs to ask himself/herself when deciding whether or not they’re going to live a life for Jesus with their actions.

  6. I know many parents that send their kids to Christian colleges. I am not sure if they understand that being a “Christian” college does not mean that the values and morals of Christianity are truly required at such places. I think they hope that morals will be embraced, but after seeing this, I think they should know that it all boils down to one thing, money. Christian colleges want money, and they are competing with so many other secular colleges, that they have to present a more secular lifestyle. When I heard of a very popular area Christian college that had coed dorms, I was dumbfounded. WHY do they need that? Frankly, I couldn’t even watch the whole thing, it was disturbing to me as a parent. What I saw was just so wrong on so many levels. UGH!

  7. All they accomplished was making sex outside marriage look more casual and hip, while promoting freedom to fornicate on campus. Let’s get real. With college freedom comes a lot of college temptations which result in sin. Not once did they promote escaping the situation. The one girl who promoted purity got a tiny slice of an otherwise nasty pie of worldliness.

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