A Little Christmas Contest

Posted on: 12/19/11 10:38 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Kids are mostly out of school, Christmas is just around the corner… I think I’ll give away some fun prizes!

Let’s do a fun little contest. I’ll keep it simple. You LIKE our Facebook page, or subscribe to one of our lists (our e-ZINE, my blog, or my Twitter), or simply make a comment on our most recent Youth Culture Window articles about this year’s music, and we’ll put your name in the hopper to win one of 5 new Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copies of the new movie Dolphin Tale (Morgan Freeman, Harry Connick Jr., Ashley Judd), or one of 5 copies of my book, Do They Run When They See You Coming.

Pretty decent prizes. Dolphin Tale was actually a pleasant surprise. Todd Pearage, our movie guy says it well in our official review of the film:

I generally don’t like movies where the main character is an animal. Hollywood loves to give the animals human qualities, personalities and even intelligence – which is just annoying. That combined with the sappy trailer had me really dreading this one. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was more the story of young Sawyer than it was the story of Winter the dolphin. And while, yeah it is sappy, it’s really sappy in a pretty good way…. It’s really the story of Sawyer and the effect Winter has on his life, rather than vice-versa.

CLICK HERE for Todd’s entire review, along with discussion questions you can use to dialogue with your kids about the film.

I’m staring at the 5 copies sitting on my desk right now. I like how they do these Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy combos. I have a Blu-Ray that I use at home, but I only have a DVD player on my laptop, and my kids like to put digital copies in their iTunes.

10 prizes, 10 chances to win. Just subscribe, LIKE, or comment. Doesn’t get easier than that.

I’ll run this contest through the year-end, draw 10 names New Years day, and announce winners in my blog on the evening of January 2nd.

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3 Replies to “A Little Christmas Contest”

  1. Questions: If we already subscribe are we automatically in the drawing? If we do more than one of those things, are we in the drawing more than once?

    1. Good question Rachael. If you already subscribe, no, you aren’t entered… it’s for new ones. And if you already subscribe to the EZINE, my Twitter AND Facebook, then you’ll have to do the comment on the article. And in this one we only count your name once. Thanks Rachael!

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    I pretty much check out everything you already offer, but I did want to post a comment to be eligible for the Dolphin Tale prize package. Thanks for all you do to support youth ministry! I use your site regularly to keep things interesting for my small youth group.

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