Child Preachers

Posted on: 02/18/08 9:47 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Wow… I preached my first sermon as a freshman in High School and I thought I started young!

These are hilarious. These children not only are imitating preaching, they have every gesture, every voice inflection… these kids have been paying attention!

This one (below) is quick:

But this one (below) is really funny. Especially at about 50 seconds to about a minute 10.

And this kid below (I think it’s the same one as above… not sure) can barely talk, yet he already has his preaching style nailed! I love it about 50 seconds into it when he opens the Bible to go through what he “went through last week!” LOL.  Then at 2:10 he tells you what happens to us if we don’t obey. You can even hear a few voices in the background giving “Amens” throughout.



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  1. I have trouble deciding whether this is a God thing or a socialization thing. First, I wonder how much of this is God leading these kids to preach and how much is adults trying to make children in to preachers. On top of that (being the Sociology minor that I am), it is interesting to see things that the children do that are obvious mimicings of what they have been exposed to up to that point. I think this is great to help kids develop their sense of leadership in the church, giving their testimony and maybe even teaching, but I would also be cautious so as to make sure we are not creating preachers ourselves for that is God’s doing.

  2. Jesus did “preach” to in the synagogue at a young age… but that’s Jesus. I don’t know about these kids. Come to think of it, Jesus didn’t officially start ministry until He was 30. I don’t know if kids preaching is Biblical or not. A lot of what is “christian” nowadays isn’t Biblical. I guess i’m gonna have to go berean on this one.

  3. I found these sad and a little embarrassing. They all knew the ‘tricks’ of stagecraft (please, don’t call it preaching) without the content of the gospel. All heat and no light.

  4. We have no problem allowing children to learn by imitation in every other area of life. Why this? Didn’t Paul say, “Follow me as I follow Christ”? We want them to show compassion like we show compassion…give like we give…why not preach like we preach? Of course their giftings and theology will mature…just like every other area of their lives. I’ve watched God do amazing things through innocent children. We would be foolish to quench their passion. Let ’em preach!

  5. Hey, don’t be hard on these “young preachers” it is kind of cute. I have pictures of myself as a 4 or 5 year old with a Bible in my hand and pointing my finger in the sky toward heaven pretending to preach as well. This is prob. just some kids doing the same thing pretending to preach just like their parents. On a semi serious note those when we receive Christ we are all called to preach-tell others of Christ! Very cute!

  6. Yes, I believe there are false teachers in this world, too, but I think we all are caught in an adult world that have preconceived notions that God can’t use whomever He wants to reach the lost. We tend to keep Him in a box. All of us learn from those who came before us including Sociology minors. Even Jesus did nothing without the Father’s instruction first. We need to think like children and have faith as they do, innocent and willing. My son told us one day when he was 6 years old that he was going to be a pastor. At that time, we didn’t know that he was actually being called by God, and he “played church”, too. Whether it was because of a blizzard or an illness, no one in our family ever had to miss church with him around. We never pushed him other than showing him how much WE loved Jesus so he knew why he was worshipping and attending church every Sunday. We knew he was different in the way he acted, talked, and perceived things and was an incredible inspiration to many. Oh yes, he was laughed at and ridiculed but when engaged in deep debates on social and moral issues as a senior in high school, he was the only one who could take a stand for what he knew and believed was right. He left high school to major in music which was no surprise to anyone because of all his awards and accomplishments over the years. When he played the part of Harold Hill in the “Music Man”, the part fit him to a tee because that is who he was. When he got to the Christian college God placed him at, God spoke to him a month later and told him that music was not to be his main focus. It would play a big part in what he felt God’s purpose was for him, but not the main thing. He now has changed his major to pastoral ministry with a minor in worship arts and those that know him are not surprised because of the compassion, desire, and obedience to the Lord that he has shown in living his life up to this date. He was a child who listened to the whispers of God…something that an adult doesn’t always do because we think we have it all figured out. 1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.”

  7. We think it’s cute when kids sing songs for us, or when they say their poem from a school lesson, even when they are breakdancing to mature music. Why do some think it strange to hear children imitate the preaching they hear?

    Most likely their fathers or mothers are preachers and they are just copying them. I imitated my mom by carrying around a baby. I think it’s cute when my son imitates his dad and “plays” his toy guitar.

    Older kids have more understanding of what they’re saying when they are “preaching” and may not be merely regurgitating the lessons of their elders. So, I admire when a young person has the courage to speak in public. Let’s not be too hard on those training for God’s work. The immaturity will go with the years, and the young will become wiser as they study up in God’s word.

  8. the first video you have … i don’t know that kid personally obviously, but i would hazard to say that he performing.

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