Cat Fights

Posted on: 11/29/11 4:59 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Do you have teenage girls living in your house?

Can you say… cat fight?

About a year ago my daughters wanted to move into the same room together. They had some friends at church who did it and they actually thought it was admirable how close those sisters were. Long story short– I knocked out a wall, bought bunk beds… and shazaam! They’ve been together since.

Overall it’s been a good experience. My girls are pretty close, as sisters go. But there’s something to be said about the consistent petty little disagreements.

“Alyssa, did you set the alarm?”

“No, you always set it.”

“Exactly. Why don’t you set it for once.”

“Because you don’t like the way I set it, so I let you do it.”

“But I’m in the top bunk… you’re right there!”

“Sorry. Your job!”


I just blogged about this whole dynamic and how parents should respond in my DAD OF TEENAGE GIRLS blog.

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  1. You kidding me? Thats what I thought this morning as I found “Getting students to show up” in a box in my garage. I don’t ever remember purchasing it. But what a time to find this book, I’m already half way through it. Our church has always been small and its in one of the poorest neighborhoods in my city, very urban environment. We’ve had many families move out, close to 13 and with those families over 25 students have left the ministry. Core students, those we have poored into for years. But with that being said, I’ve felt that as the volunteer leader for the past few years we have done a terrible job inviting unchurched kids. Like you say in the book, they don’t even know our doors exist. With 0 kids showing up to our midweek service the past month, I know I have waited to long to do something, but we are about to do something about it now! Pray for us brother! We are going after those kids this month in a good way for Christ, sharing the Gospel, Im not sure what will happen but as long as we are doing the Great Commision I know we won’t fail. Shoot me an email!

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