Britney Baring All Once Again

Posted on: 10/17/08 11:15 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Sex sells. Mariah knows it, Madonna knows it, Christina knows it… and Britney definitely knows it!

Britney knows it so well, her new song “Womanizer” just made the biggest leap in the history of Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. It’s no coincidence that her video features her naked in a sauna throughout the video, half dressed and sensual on several other occasions… while the whole time, ironically, singing about a guy that’s a womanizer. (Which makes me wonder if I am just missing another video featuring him singing about her being skanky?)

This racy video is now the #1 downloaded video on iTunes, the #1 featured video on’s music video pics, and available to see everywhere for free from YouTube to videos.

Yes…Britney doesn’t actually show those crucial few inches that would declare this actual “R-rated” nudity, so it’s being played everywhere. The question I have is this: are your teenagers going to steer away from clicking on this when they stumble upon it on YouTube?