Black Eyed Peas Go #1 Again

Posted on: 02/26/10 5:22 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Earlier this week I blogged a little about the Black Eyed Peas hit song Imma Be rapidly climbing the charts. As I wrote that blog, it was #1 on iTunes and #3 on Billboard. This morning as I sat in the airport waiting for my flight, I noticed that it just rose to #1 on Billboard Hot 100 now as well. That is the third song from this album to hit #1.

Imma Be is an interesting song. I won’t rehash my blog from earlier this week– I encourage you to check it out, especially the YouTube video I posted of three “tweens” dancing to the song and singing the lyrics… yes… even the foul lyrics.

But now I find it interesting once again to look at the Billboard Hot 100. Take a peek at merely the top 5 songs right now:

Wow. Do a quick Google search on the lyrics of those songs… you’ll be amazed what this generation is cherishing as the “top songs.”