Ashley’s Unconventional Speech

Posted on: 10/28/14 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Ash-HomecomingLast Friday night Lori and I got a chance to escort Ashley onto the football field at halftime for the Homecoming “Royal Court” while the commentator read her speech.

I guess I should have know what to expect, knowing Ashley. But here’s what was read while we escorted her in front of hundreds of parents:

“First and foremost, I would like to thank God. He is my everything and the only reason I’m good at anything. Special thanks to my parents. I am blessed by your support for me and the food we eat together is pretty fantastic. Shout out to my best friends Jenny and Makayla; my heart is with you both, always, the Foran Van, and Mimi’s cafe for making those delectable buttermilk spice muffins, for without which I wouldn’t be who I am today!”

It’s just so… Ashley!

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4 Replies to “Ashley’s Unconventional Speech”

  1. haha! love it!!! our kids humble us right? I wouldn’t have said this at that age!
    I really love the part about spice muffins making her what she is today.
    There are a lot of food items that have made me what I am today! lol. this month, it is candy corn. After thursday (halloween) night, there may be some mini snickers that contribute to what I am.

  2. Looks like you brought up Ashley to be her own person! Good for Ashley and good for you guys.

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