Ashley Just Wants Time

Posted on: 12/22/11 6:34 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Today I walked up into my home office with expectations of working until noon and then hanging out with my kids for the rest of the day. Time got away from me. At 3:30, Ashley came in my office, “Dad, are you almost done?”

I apologized. “I’m almost done baby. Just a few more minutes.”

She left my office, head hanging low.

Next thing I know, I hear her giggling in the hallway and something rustles the carpet by my chair. I peel my eyes away from my computer for a second to see a plate of cookies by my office chair… wiggling oh so slightly. On closer examination I see a string tied to the plate of cookies. I follow the string to the hallway where Ashley is slowly tugging on the other end trying to draw me out of the office with the cookie-bait!

It’s just so “Ashley.”

The fact is, Ashley just wanted some time with me. Forget any other present under the tree… time has the most value. I don’t know why I was stupid enough to let those few hours pass by.

Are you giving your family the present of “time” this Christmas? Or do they have to drag you away from work with a plate of cookies? Think about it. Five years from now are you going to look back and wish you spent more time in the office… or more time with your kids?

Don’t forget what’s important this Christmas.

Merry Christmas, from my house to yours. (Gotta go. Ashley wants me to watch Home Alone II with her.)

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  1. Yes, but if I can get away with OCCASSIONALLY working late in order to be enticed out by a plate of home made cookies – or, better yet, a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough – then it might be worth it. Sort of like getting into an arguement with my wife in order to kiss and make up.
    So there’s some tongue-in-cheek there, but I do like the cookies.

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