Curb Your Phone Addiction

Posted on: 11/10/14 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKee

phone-addictionDo your kids spend too much time on their phones?

Do YOU spend too much time on your phone?

Wanna app that will help you see exactly how much time you’re on your phone?

I think many people are becoming self aware that they spend too much time staring at screens (I won’t bring up that you’re staring at one now… because I actually WANT you to be reading this), because we’re seeing more and more blogs and funny parodies about “smartphone addiction” and I’m even hearing many teenagers admit they spend too much time on their phones.

If you’re curious exactly how much time, then try the new app called Moment which not only helps you track exactly how much time you’re using your phone each day, but also can help you set limits, with occasional “nudges” when you approach those limits.

Last month a similar app was introduced, this one telling you how many times a day you check your phone. This app is appropriately called “Checky.”

I think both these apps might be fun to use as a conversation piece with your kids. Have a contest who could check their phone the fewest times each day. Loser has to cook dinner, or take the other to dinner (a win/win for the parent).

Who would lose in your house?