Instagram Contest

Posted on: 02/26/14 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Jonathan-McKee-InstagramWINNERS POSTED! (at bottom of post)

I feel like giving something away!

Last week in Chicago my 16-year-old got on my case for Tweeting and posting pics on my Pinterestbut not Instagram. So I finally caved in to her repeated onslaughts.

“Okay… I’ll get an Instagram. Shut up!”  (Isn’t that how loving father’s talk?)

So there it is. I just leapt onto the Instagram bandwagon, and thought it would be fun to have a little contest!

The contest is simple:

  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Then simply post a pic of yourself browsing either or and tag me (yeah, you can borrow your friend’s phone if you must and browse my site on that…)

Anyone can enter. I’ll choose three winners who do both of the above, and they each get their choice of any one of my books! Zombie-Guide-BLOG(like my Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide for Teenagers)

There you go! I’ll choose the winner in one week and post it on my Instagram and this blog post!

Happy posting!


Thanks to all of you for your entries. Lots of good pics taken… hard to pick! But here’s the three that stuck out! You three email me and tell me which of my my books you’d like.

Congrats to the three winners @donneahu, forstonj, jondforrest for these pics below!

@donneahu @forstonj @jondforrest