Brand New Training

Posted on: 10/1/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This weekend I launch a brand new workshop at one of my favorite conferences, the Youth Specialties National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC).

Thursday I’m loading up Lori and Ashley, and we’ll be driving the 8-hour jaunt from Sacramento down to San Diego for NYWC. This convention is always a lot of fun, getting to connect with friends like Doug Fields, Mark Matlock and Greg Stier; but this weekend will have an extra little perk… we get to see my daughter Alyssa!

We dropped off Alyssa at Cal Baptist a month ago, and she’s going to drive 2 hours and meet us in San Diego for the convention this weekend. We might even get my 20-year-old Alec to venture down from Azusa as well (poor guy… he always gets stuck on a sleeping bag on the floor of a hotel room).

The 2013 NYWC is gonna be a great convention. It’s been exciting hearing what the leadership has in store for youth workers. I’m teaching two workshops, including this brand new one:

What Parents Need to Know about Their Teenagers
In this seminar take a peek into the highly sexualized world of youth culture and the media messages today’s teenagers are immersed in. Learn how to equip parents to filter these influences, teach discernment, and discover how to help parents build lasting values and open the channels of communication.

Then I’m teaching this seminar again, where I actually teach youth workers how to put together a clear, concise youth talk that will keep the attention of today’s young people:

Using 10-Minute Talks
It seems like students’ attention spans are growing shorter. How can we communicate truth in a way that teenagers will truly remember? In this seminar you’ll learn the power and effectiveness of the 10-Minute Talk, a method of storytelling that’s laser-focused and impactful.

For those who can’t make the convention, YS offers audio of my training each year in their store. You can also get my parenting books and my 10-Minute Talks books here at a huge discount.

I’ll Tweet from the conference to keep you posted.


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  1. It’s an 8 hour drive from Sacramento to San Diego? What? I had no idea it was that long of a drive! Oh wait, now I get it – it takes 3 hours to get through the traffic in LA!

    Seriously though – it sounds like an awesome time. I know you will rock that conference Jon!

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