Teenagers and YouTube

Posted on: 07/29/13 2:32 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I went camping last weekend with about 20 families from my church, all families with teenagers. I always look forward to this time away from technology. It’s fun to see teenagers sitting around campfires, swimming in a lake, hiking… probably one of the only times of the entire year I see teenagers without their phones out!

But it wasn’t totally tech-free for the four days we were there. At times a young person would pull out their phone in the middle of a huddle of teenagers and start playing music through their little iPhone speaker (something I’ll never understand… if I can’t hear it through good speakers, I don’t want to hear it at all), or a group would pull out one of their phones and immediately it would start, “Have you seen this one?” Then they’d show each other the newest and funniest YouTube video.

I was cooking a nice camping breakfast one morning while a crowd of teenagers gathered around my daughter’s friend Morgan’s phone, rolling on the ground laughing as she played this video. At first I didn’t see the hilarity… but I definitely couldn’t make it through the entire video without laughing:

There has to be some Biblical application to this… right? (besides “The Sheep and the Goats”)

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  1. My family including grandkids are on vacation and they all loved this video…especially the spitting goat.

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