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Posted on: 04/11/13 3:01 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Baseball fans, movie buffs… people who like free stuff… I’ve got a fun little contest for you with some really cool prizes. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.

The new film, 42, which hits theaters this Friday, April 12, tells the story of American hero Jackie Robinson who broke the MLB’s color barrier in 1947. Every April, players from all MLB teams don the number 42 jersey to commemorate and celebrate “Jackie Robinson Day.”

I’m giving my blog readers an opportunity to win FREE movie passes to 42 next week. I’ll be announcing the winner on this post Monday, April 15th, Jackie Robinson Day at the MLB (WINNER POSTED BELOW). Our prize package includes:

  • Two movie money certificates to screen 42 which is valid at participating US movie theaters for you and a guest (most theatres except AMC accept these).
  • Two 42 movie baseball caps
  • 42 T-Shirt
  • 42 baseball

Simply use my comment feature to tell me who your favorite sports hero is and why for a chance to win (sorry, because of the prize, this contest is only for my U.S. readers).

WINNER: I didn’t even want to attempt to pick a winner from this bunch… what an amazing cornucopia of great comments and entries. So we chose to just randomly draw a winner. Congratulations to Mike Ford, Youth Pastor from Franconia Mennonite Church in Telford, PA. You are our winner!

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49 Replies to “Win Movie Passes to the movie 42”

  1. My sports hero is Michael Jordan for his love of the game, his unmatched skills, and his relentless work ethic.

  2. My favorite sports hero has been and will likely always be Mario Lemieux. I was a kid when Super Mario was captain of the back to back Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Watching his career hampered by persistent back injuries and seeing him come back from Hodgkins Lymphoma to win the scoring title was unbelievable. His is a story of greatness in the face of multiple adversities. One of the greatest hockey talents of all-time.

  3. Though this is for a baseball prize, my favorite is Dale Earnhardt Sr. He was aggressive on the track giving 100% every time and never giving up. But he also respected the other drivers and gave them the credit they deserved. He was also giving and funny off the track. I hope I can be that kind of person, but giving all for Christ, honoring others who do the same, living with joy and giving quickly to those in need.

  4. The ultra-marathon man, Dean Karnanzes. Having recently gotten back into running myself, Dean’s story and books have been a great inspiration and encouragement to me. Helped me to realize how vital mental strength is in athletics, as well as in many life situations.

  5. There are a handful of people that I would consider my sports hero, but since I have to choose one, I would have to say Tim Tebow. Although I don’t follow him closely, from what I’ve seen He is one of the most humblest sports players that I’ve seen. He recognizes the whole team for the win, and he witnesses at every opportunity that he can, despite what people are done.

  6. I would have a hard time narrowing it down to my favorite, but I’m going to go with Landon Donovan. I’m a huge soccer fan and it’s not nearly as big of a sport in the United States as it is in the rest of the world. However, Landon has been the face of USA soccer for a number of years, provided some heroic efforts, and has represented our country well.

    1. Great one! I love soccer, and Lando has been foundational to soccer growing in popularity in the US. It is exponentially more popular now than it was when he stepped into the game, and he is one of the main reasons for that.

  7. Being from Boston I gotta go with Tom Brady! 5 Trips to the Superbowl, winning 3 of them. He works with handicapped kids through Best Buddies and he’s not afraid to wear Uggs!

  8. My favorite sports hero is actually my high school coach. He was passionate about football, but more importantly he was passionate about God and was a great role model to us players.

  9. My all time favorite would be David Robinson. He served his country for 2 years in the Navy as a civil engineering officer at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia. He was an exceptional basketball player that showed integrety throughout his career. He was not ashamed to identify himself as a Christian not only in words but also how he lived.

    1. Wow, I didn’t read yours before posting mine, but I picked him as well. There will never be another athlete that I have more respect for than #50. I loved the way he played the game, I loved the way he loved his family, and I loved the way he loved Jesus.

  10. A.C. Green – purity. All the years, all the pressures, teammates who tried to cause him to stumble, all the winning, all the money – virgin until married… Wow.

  11. My sports hero is Drew Brees. He is a dedicated family man and has an unmatched work ethic. He has overcome obstacles to achieve greatness and break records some thought were unbreakable.

  12. Mallory Holtman, softball player from Central Washington University in in Ellensburg, Washington. In league playoffs in 2008, when opposing team player Sara Tucholsky hit a home run but tore her ACL rounding first base, Mallory and teammate Liz Wallace asked and received permission from the umpire to carry her around the diamond to touch all the bases and keep her home run ( ). The character and others-centered service demonstrated transcend competition and sport and are an inspiration and example to us all.

  13. Initially I would name Pistol Pete Maravich. His personal stats and dedication to being the best is incredible. After a life of searching he truly becomes a hero as he gave surrendered to Christ. However he is not my true hero.
    My true hero is a group of hereos. As an 18 year old I started college and began studies, girls, & pursuing the idea of playing college basketball. Not necessarily in that order. After a few months of making and being “the freshman” of a season great team I watched from the bench & played with real heroes. Some incredible players, a few who turned down scholarships at several schools. Why did they turn down scholarships to play at a small non-scholarship school, why are they my heroes. The wanted to be preachers, youth ministers, & misssionaries. God had placed a calling on their life that was much more important than this sport we all loved. Their leadership, their love,direction and words of wisdom to a young freshman, and their commitment to their call makes them my greatest sports heroes.

    1. Wow typed that too fast sorry for the typos! I just got excited to share about a great group of guys.

  14. Don’t really have a sports hero because, they play sports for a living, and what can I really know about their personal lives and values. But I love to watch Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin play basketball. Both are just incredibly physically gifted athletes.

  15. My sports “hero” is the only player left in MLB to don the number 42, MARIANO RIVERA. “Mo” is one of the most decorated pitchers in the history of the game and arguably the best closer of all-time. What impresses me more than all the statistics is that Mariano, in spite of his enormous fame, is one of the most humble men on the face of the earth. If you want to know where his true heart is, just listen to any interview he has ever given. He does not hesitate to share his faith (and love) for Christ and recognizes that without Christ, he would be nothing. Inscribed on his Rivera’s pitching glove is the verse “Phil. 4:13” (I can do all things through CHRIST who gives me strength). What a wonderful testimony to our AWESOME God. We need more men who are willing to “step up to the plate” and put aside selfish pursuits and worldly gain, recognizing that it’s all about loving God and others wholeheartedly and unconditionally (and sharing the message of Christ with others).

    1. For someone who is arguably the best to EVER do what he does, he is so unbelievably humble. And I don’t say that as a Yankee fan, I actually completely dislike the Yankees (go Rangers), but its impossible to not respect Mo for all that he has accomplished, and for the way that he carries himself.

  16. Let me tell you about a man named “Wes”. Wes is my sports hero, and he only played for a short time. He actually shaped the game of baseball we know and love today. He was the great innovator, long before innovation was a buzz word. He built championship teams in St. Louis, Brooklyn & Pittsburgh. He sought out and signed the exciting talented players of his time, like the Dean brothers and Roberto Clemente. He created the Farm system – what we know today as the minor leagues. He established the first dedicated Spring Training facility (in Vero Beach FL – Dodgertown). And he introduced batting helmets to protect the players. He was actually the first one to see the importance of statistics in baseball – hiring the first full time statistician to track and analyze all parts of the game, more than 50 years before Billy Ball in Oakland. He was a man of faith who was not shy about it. And he worked for years to kick a hole in the wall of discrimination – and finding the right man who would lead the way. You see, Jackie Robinson’s introduction into baseball was not a fluke. It was not a whimsical move. It was not a fleeting thought. It was not a last minute decision. It was not a publicity stunt. It was a carefully planned and deliberate action lead by the “other guy”, Wesley Branch Rickey. He’s the “other side”, often the forgotten one in the story – and he’d be okay with that. But one man who never forgot – who always stood up and expressed his deep gratitude for the man who decided something had to change – the man who’s story is that of legend – Jackie himself. As one writer once put it … before Rosa Parks took her seat on that bus … while a future Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was still a sophomore in college … without the assistance of any US Supreme Court ruling, Affirmative Action or Political Action Committee … before any of that … Jackie Robinson set the example with integrity and excellence … but that never would have happened – we never would have had the right man, at the right time, leading the right way … except for the other guy leading the way – Wesley Branch Rickey. The story of “42” is not the story of one man’s heroic actions that changed a nation. It’s the story of two men. Robinson AND Rickey. Changing history forever. Yes, I’m a huge fan of the excellence and integrity of Jackie Robinson. But I cannot forget the “other man” who risked it all, Wesley Branch Rickey.

  17. My favorite sports hero is Jim Thorpe. He is arguably the greatest, most well-rounded athlete in US history. He played 3 professional sports, won the olympic decathalon and pentathalon.

    Beyond this, he was kind of the original Jackie Robinson, as a Native American he faced incredible racisim and broke down many racial doors in sports. He was exploited for his race as a draw for spectators, but also abused as a result of competing in a time where Native Americans did not all have citizenship.

  18. My sports hero has always been, and will always be, David Robinson. I grew up in Texas loving the San Antonio Spurs. I loved the way that he played the game, but more than that, I loved the way he lived his life. He loved Jesus. He loved and was dedicated to his family. And he was really…really good at basketball.

  19. My sports hero is Jason Witten. Great integrity, great football player, humble, team guy, great role-model. He’s awesome!

    1. Another great one. My favorite Witten moment is the game (I think against the Eagles) when he get his helmet knocked off, his nose got smashed and was bleeding everywhere, and he kept on chugging down the field.

  20. Throwin my name in the hat…I love sports and watch the mess outta them but have no full on hero. But one sports legend around here is Preacher Roe.

    I had the opportunity to take out Preacher Roe’s trash. I went over there and took care of the task and Preacher Roe invited me in for some tea. I tried to humbly decline because I was busy with my own selfish life, but Preacher Roe refused to let me leave without giving back to me. So I went back in and sat at his kitchen table as Preacher Roe began to dive into story after story of his baseball career.

    The story that I’ll never forget he told was when he was playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers at the same time as Jackie Robinson. Leading up to a game they were supposed to play, Jackie Robinson had received some death threats (which was apparently pretty common). So before they were about to hit the field they had a team meeting about whether to play still or not. So Preacher Roe looks around and says, “Why don’t we all go out there with number 42 on our jerseys, that way they wont know which one’s Jackie.

    Spending the little time with Preacher Roe that I did, I got to see a sweet, kind, caring, and compassionate man. Who you could hold one conversation with over sweet tea and he could make you feel like family.

    1. As that story goes … the specific threat was aimed of course at Jackie, but the note read … “if 42 takes the field, I’ll shoot him” … to which the famous team spirit reply came back … why don’t we all just go out there wearing #42, then the dummy won’t know who to shoot … (and for those not following along – yes, Jackie was still the only black player on the team) … showing that the his team members thought the writer of the note was an idiot. Jackie wore 42 alone that night – and no shots were fired.

  21. My favorite sports hero is Albert Pujols. Not only did he play on my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, he is a great role model for my 15 year old son. He is very public about his faith and Christianity on and off the field.

  22. I know this might sound cheesy. Jackie Robinson is one of my all time favorites. I grew up in Los Angeles as a kid and my parents were huge Dodger fans. We moved to Sacramento in 1988 when the Dodgers won the world series. I was hooked. I bleed Dodger blue! It was a book report that I did as a child on Jackie Robinson when I learned what an incredible man he was. Strong character and strength to continue throughout all of the racial tensions.

    I would be so excited to see this film and how they portray him.

    Derek Traub

  23. Favorite Sports Hero… Like many others this is hard to narrow down. I am a huge baseball fan. Growing up in KY, Johnny Bench and Pete Rose were huge. Then I heard about a guy they called, “Donnie Baseball”. From that day on I have loved the Yankees! I love the history, and the present. Rivera and Pettitte are believers and are great examples of Christ in the big leagues. Jeter has remained with the same team in an era that players change jerseys like underwear.

    But thinking about all of this my real answer is… My 16 year old daughter. Abby is a fighter. You tell her she can’t do something, and she is out to prove you wrong. She loves competing and it started with soccer. I was not at all excited about her playing this “game”. While she really wanted to score, she knew the best chance for her team to win was for her to be in the Goal. She played goalie for about 7 years, always hoping that someone else would step up, but giving it all she had and never complaining to her coach. She played all the time, indoor and outdoor. During her Freshman year of high school, she came to me and said she was going to try out for Softball. I chuckled at the thought, because she never wanted to play that in the past and really was scared of a baseball. How can someone stand in front of a goal and dive for a ball being kicked at their face, but is scared to catch a little ball falling from the sky with a glove? Didn’t seem right. So we got her some gear and she tried out. She made the JV team (no one was cut) and started the season. At the end of the season, she let us know that she was giving up soccer to pursue softball. This year as a sophomore she is playing Varsity Softball and starting at second base with a .387 batting average. So why is she my sports hero? This girl has been through so much in the past few years. She had her biological dad walk out on her when she was born. Thankfully I was able to adopt her at the age of 10 (she is all mine now!). During the summer before her Freshman year of High School we move 1800 miles across the country for a youth ministry position. Her life has been uprooted and she has still flourished. She has battled depression and an eating disorder since middle school. She has not let that stop her! She strives for excellence in the classroom, switching classes mid year to honors and AP classes. Her love for God is intense. She has become a leader on the field and in the dugout. She is a hero to her little brother and sister. So many times we focus on the big money, big time sport figures, while there are students in our ministries or in our own home that are having as much if not more of an impact on their peers and those that are watching.

    Whether I win the tickets or not, it has been great to sit and brag about my hero for a little bit. I love this Kid!

  24. My sports hero is Ted Hoyt. Ted’s son, Rick, was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy at birth. Basically he was paralyzed from the neck down and due to a lack of oxygen to the brain he couldn’t speak without special equipment. One day Rick told his dad that he wanted to run in a 5mi race to raise funds for a lacrosse player that had been paralyzed in an accident so Ted pushed Rick in a wheelchair for the entire race. They placed last but Rick told his father, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like I’m not handicapped”. With this realization, Ted began to condition himself and dedicated his life to race with his son. He and his son have run in over a 1,000 races including marathons, duathlons and triathlons(with 6 of those being ironmans). He even crafted a special vest so that in the swimming stage he could pull his son in a raft. No, he never won a race, in fact, he placed last in all of his races but he did all of this for the love of his son. He never backed down from a race and even to this day he still races in the Boston Marathon with his son at 70 yrs old! That is an amazing display of a father’s love and that is something I look up to with great respect. Even though I’m probably not got run in the ironman anytime soon, I hope that I can display this self-less love to others in this same way. That is why Ted Hoyt is my hero.

  25. My fav sports hero is without a doubt Barry Bonds. Haha – kidding 😉 As far as a sports heros, by far its gotta be #24, Willie Mays. Besides my love for the Giants, he was the best all-around baseball player. There is a reason why, growing up, any sports jersey number i have always work has always been 24 🙂

    As far as someone who is both great in sports and a great person, I’d have to say its Tony Dungy. He both onspires greatness in players he has coached, but he loves God and makes it known. It’s awesome to see someone use their platform to influence others to develop leaders and encourage them to love and follow God.

  26. My favorite sports hero is Dorothy Hamill. When she skated, it was with grace and strength. When she got that medal, her little shrug up there on the podium showed how humble and amazed she was at her accomplishment. Girls today need someone like Dorothy to look up to. And she started a hair craze that never left, albeit has evolved thru the years. The other (male) sports hero for me is Walter Payton. A class act all round, and was amazing to watch. He also brought some real grace to an otherwise rough sport. He left us all too soon. Sweetness.

  27. My fav sports hero as a kid was Craig Biggio. He would play in any position on the team they asked him to play. He was a great team player. Today I player who stand for they faith. Like Tony Dungy, Budda Watson, Tim Tebow.

  28. Bethany Hamilton, Josh Hamilton, Tim Tebow, Clayton Kershaw, Jeremy Affeldt, Tony Dungy, Dave Dravecky, Mike Sweeney, Jon Kitna, Russell Wilson, Lorenzo Romar, Pistol Pete — all of these guys come to mind for living out their love for Christ as well as their excellence in sport. However, the pro athlete who is my personal hero is former NFL linebacker Ken Hutcherson. When he blew out his knee with the Seattle Seahawks, he decided to share his love for Jesus by devoting himself to making a difference in people’s lives through ministry. As my youth pastor and discipleship group leader for 3 years, I saw his passionate heart, and I couldn’t believe that he was filled with hatred for whites growing up, getting into football because he could legally hit and hurt white people. His redeemed heart and love for God and reading the Bible influenced me in huge ways, and still does — he’s been a pastor ever since. Check out his incredible story in a quick video at — where you can also see incredibly inspiring videos on many of the others I’ve mentioned above as well.
    Thanks, Hutch for loving Jesus and me!

  29. Gary Carter…Hall of Fame catcher of the New York Mets! When I was in 10th grade, I drew an 18″ x 24″ picture of him and mailed it to him. I never expected him to autograph it and send it back! He wrote “To Kristen, All my very best wishes. May God bless always, Catch ya later, Gary Carter.” I couldn’t believe he did that. He was a stand-up guy on and off the field, a Christian, whom I’m sure is now playing on God’s Great Ball Field.

  30. My favorite sports hero would probably be Tim Tebow. I know it sound like a cliche answer but as someone who grew up in Colorado and is a lifelong Broncos fan he delivered the most magical season of football I’ve ever seen and one of the top 5 moments in Broncos history with the pass to Demarius Thomas in OT against the Steelers in the playoffs.

    What sets him apart from Elway as a “hero” is Tebow’s faith and testimony. I can’t imagine the pressure he is constantly under yet he has exhibited an astounding amount of grace and always seems to be ready with an answer.

  31. Nolan Ryan-amazing pitcher who played in the major leagues for over 25 years. A man of great skill and integrity. Had the honor to meet him once and he took plenty of time to talk to each and every fan, giving special attention to the young fans. A man of character…we don’t hear about them so much.

    Tim Tebow’s not so bad either-and he’s fun to look at…lol!

    Also-I think a female should win. Just sayin……

  32. Jason Witten would be mine. He doesn’t get the press other players do but is a great all around player. More importantly he is a strong Christian presence on his team and is very devoted to charity work.

  33. I would say that Kurt Warner is a sports role model, due to his family values and his unwavering Christian belief. I suppose the same could be said for Tony Dungy as well – the wise old dad of many current NFL players.

  34. Steve Yzerman because of his character on/off the ice. As a child growing up watching a lot of hockey, I was able to see what great qualities of leadership and humility in him.

  35. As a tween-teen, my favorite sports hero was Deion Sanders. I admired how he played two sports for my favorite teams the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons.

  36. I was a track guy throughout my junior high and senior high school years and dreamed of the Olympics. During those years I looked up to Jim Ryun who as a junior was the first high schooler to break the 4 minute mile. What an amazing thing to do at such a young age.

  37. My favorite sports hero is my son Josh. He was a baseball “star” as 6-7 year old. He captained the 7-8 year old all-star team as a seven year old and then…QUIT.

    Josh barely touched a baseball for seven years, and then decided to play again. After years of not playing, after years of falling behind in formative baseball skill-building, Josh still decided to try-out for the school team. And, made it.

    Within a year he started at catcher.

    Josh was never the “star” of the team, but he’ll always be someone I admire for his courage, determination and resolve to persevere despite walking away from baseball.

    It reminds me of many of our faith-stories, “for this son of mine was dead (as a baseball player) and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So the party began.” (Luke 15:24)

  38. Micheal Jordan-He is the best in basketball, but the fact that he was cut from his Junior High Basketball team shows me that he was not a quieter, the hard work he continued to take the small steps need to succeed, he never gave up this is the attitude the Jesus held and should be the attitude we have. Never give up even when we first did not succeed. Continue to take the small steps to reclaim our lost teenagers, schools and families. One small step at a time taken everyday.

  39. My sports hero is Donovan McNabb for the character that he displayed on the field when he was a Philadelphia Eagle. When a play went bad; he accepted responsibility when it was his fault. When the team was behind, he kept his head up. He provided a good example to my son 🙂

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