Americans Connected 2:38 Minutes a Day to Mobile Devices

Posted on: 04/5/13 4:14 AM | by Jonathan McKee

With the rise in mobile phone and app use, we’ve been seeing a bunch of numbers floating around lately about how much time Americans are actually spending connected to these mobile devices. Well, Flurry just came out with a brand new report measuring the activity of more than 1 billion mobile IOS and Android devices per month. The findings are intriguing:

  • Smartphone or tablet owners spend 2 hours and 38 minutes “glued” to their mobile devices
  • 32% of that time (almost an hour) is spent playing games
  • 18% (about half an hour) is spent on Facebook

See the entire report here.

It will be interesting to see when someone does an accurate report like this with a breakdown by age group.