No Voice

Posted on: 11/5/12 9:48 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s been a long time since I’ve lost my voice… but it’s gone!

This is a scary thing for me, especially when I’m scheduled to speak. It happened last Wednesday night about 8:00 PM. I spiked a fever and my throat started hurting. Thursday morning I woke up with a sore throat and a raspy voice. I worked for a few hours that morning… because I’m a man! Men don’t get sick!

By noon, I admitted I was mortal, tapped out, and went to bed.

My biggest fear was the calendar. I was scheduled to fly to Nebraska Saturday where I would preach two Sunday AM services and then teach a parent workshop.

How was I gonna speak when I sounded like Clint Eastwood? (I guess I could just set up a chair on stage and talk to it….)

Friday it grew worse. I didn’t even get out of bed. I just answered a few emails on my laptop in bed, then watched a good dose of movies (one of the fringe benefits of being sick). My daughter asked me how I was going to travel when I was sick. I told her, “Well… I don’t have much of a choice. These people booked me 6 months ago. Unless I’m throwing up or bleeding profusely… I’m going!”

Saturday I felt okay. I flew, actually stopped by a few Denver shops and bought my girls some Bronco gear. I drove over to Nebraska, then went to bed.

When Sunday morning arrived… I still sounded like Clint Eastwood. I prayed, “God, just give me 4 hours of a voice!” By his grace, I preached both services with throat lozenges in my mouth, and did the same with my parent workshop.

Funny… the second I finished my workshop… my voice was gone!

I pulled into an Arby’s drive through (I only dine at the finest establishments) on the way out and tried to order. The person taking my order couldn’t hear me. It was hilarious. I called my wife and tried to talk, but we gave up and resorted to texting.

It’s Monday now, the voice is still gone… and I’m going to bed!

Luckily… I have 10 days before I speak again!

3 Replies to “No Voice”

  1. Sorry about your voice – I am in the same boat only in Botswana! NO VOICE! End of school year and tons to do – no voice. I don’t even have a sore throat and this has never happened to me – actually quite funny in a way. Good excuse to be quiet before the Lord Will be praying for you.

  2. Sorry to hear you have lost your voice again. So glad you made it home safe. We enjoyed your preaching and of course the workshop even with a hoarse voice. God certainly heard your prayers and gave you the voice you needed for we were all impacted by the words HE gave you.

    Sometimes I think he allows us to get sick during those busy times so we will slow down and in your case just be quiet and listen for HIM. He certainly works in very mysterious ways. I will pray for a full recovery before you are to travel again. Now be a good patient and get some rest.

    In Him

  3. May God give you healing. I lost my voice 3 days before I was to preach on Reformation Sunday and I got through it…God has a sense of humor!

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