Posted on: 10/31/12 12:18 PM | by Jonathan McKee

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  1. These whorish costumes are just for the cheerleaders who’ve been dropped on their heads too many times. In raising five kids and helping to chepperone more public middle- and high-school dances and parties than I can count, I never saw anything even close to these. And that’s in a uber-liberal town in far-left Massachusetts!
    It has GOT to be college kids buying these. Values are the key of course: Are you merely imposing morality upon your kids by the laws you lay down? Or are you building good values and self-respect into them from birth? With good values, and If they know they are specially created and loved by God, not just accidental animals with no eternal future, they wouldn’t be caught dead in or near these outfits at college, either.

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