Saying Goodbye to Fat Clothes

Posted on: 07/13/12 3:00 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Hi, my name is Jonathan, and I am a glutton.

You wouldn’t know it by just looking at me. Sure, there’ve been times where I was pretty chunky, but it’s not like you see me walking around with a turkey leg in one hand and a box of Twinkies in the other. The fact is, over the last 20 years, I’ve shown very little self-control with what I put in my body.

Enough is enough!

Here’s the history of the situation:

I think the only reason I’m not 5’9” tall, 300 pounds is the fact that I’m so active. My wife Lori and I usually exercise, running or biking, 4 days a week. But as I passed 30-years-old, and then 40, all this running and biking couldn’t keep up with all the pizza, burgers and soda I shoved into my cake-eater. About 5 years ago I bloated to almost 210 pounds. That’s not good for someone my height. So I drastically changed my diet, losing about 30 pounds… then I got rid of all my fat clothes.

This was a smart move! For the last 5 years I’ve fluctuated up and down about 12 pounds. What can I say… I love food!!!! I crave it every minute of the day! I love restaurants. Eating food with my friends is my favorite pastime.

So my weight yo-yo’d. Every summer I seemed to stay in the low 180’s, but then in the winter I would float into the 190’s. Shirts would get tighter and I had to even set some aside until summer. But I never allowed myself above about 193… because I’d have to go buy some new fat clothes!

A little over a month ago, near the end of May, I had let my weight get to 194. I told Lori, “Enough.” After all… even 180 isn’t that healthy for me. Most medical charts show the top of my healthy range to be about 168. I can rationalize all I want and say those charts are bogus, but all I need to do is take my shirt off around a swimming pool and the truth is there for all to see. My 180 pounds is hanging all over the place. And when I let it float up to 194… it’s pretty embarrassing.

So June 1st Lori and I adjusted our diet to match our existing workouts. I joined weight watchers, using the handy little phone app, and I set a goal of 165. I haven’t weighed that little since before my son was born.

Long story short… it’s July 7th today and I’m 177.

Seventeen down, and twelve pounds to go!

In two weeks I’m even doing a little triathlon that’s local to Sacramento where you run 6 miles, bike 12 and paddle/kayak 6. I’ve been training for that hardcore while my girls have been gone in Europe.

Today I’m wearing a shirt from my skinny drawer for the first time. Goodbye 180-190 pound clothes! In a few weeks, 169 is my new ceiling.

(Dang I miss Pepsi!)

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14 Replies to “Saying Goodbye to Fat Clothes”

  1. Congratulations!! Losing weight is hard …. keeping it off is so much harder! (so says the chubby chick ….. that would be ME …. ) Great job to you both, and best of luck in your triathlon!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! I think I need some spiritual clothes that let me know when sin is causing flab in my life. I think I fluctuate up and down on that one and need to just get rid of those clothes that allow sin to come back without it being a big deal. Just throw on those over-sized clothes and it hides all that extra sin! I need to set a spiritual goal and aim to keep it at that level. Difficult stuff, but, just like physical loss, it will be totally worth it and I’ll be a sexy, God honoring man…..or something like that. 🙂

    1. Ha… good analogy. If only all our thoughts and actions were exposed to all… like my gut is when I’m by the swimming pool! A huge banner saying, “This guy likes his food!!!”

  3. Just a thought, that box looks awful small to fit very many clothes for your old body! I have had to do what you didn’t, which was basically buy a new wardrobe to fit my gain. Keep going, I know how hard it is, been basically overweight most of my adult life. You can do it, sounds like you are doing all the right stuff. Remember, having a Pepsi once in awhile is OK. My mom, who is 86 and has maintained her weight for many years eating all kinds of foods has this mantra, “Everything in moderation!” It sure has worked for her! Thanks for sharing.

  4. PS Nice to know guys have skinny and fat clothes. The general idea is that is a woman’s curse.

  5. Way to go! Stick with it, Jonathan! Make it into a lifestyle change. I’m praying for my wife to do this, too. It takes big faith and dogged determination to make big changes! (I know from my own struggles.) God bless!

  6. Awesome. Thanks for the personal update!
    Love all the resources – but especially love when we get to see “you.”

  7. Well, I guess I won’t be giving you that free, all you can eat, unlimited,
    Life time supply of Buffalo Wild Wings gift card! Bummer!
    I guess I just give to fields! Anyways, good for you bro!
    Thanks for being an example and all you do for the youth ministry
    World! You rock!

  8. Great job! I have taken a similar path. I was over 250 pounds and got down to under 200. I had lost weight before, but kept the “fat clothes” around. Since I had them there, I just started wearing them when I gained weight back. This time I got rid of them and it has helped me keep the weight off. Thank for sharing and reminding me that I’m not only one in this boat. 🙂

  9. Johnathan I appreciate and read what you write weekly. When this arrived on the 13th I felt compelled to respond but didn’t. Your blog today changed that.
    You know the challenges students struggle with about self worth and how air brushed photos, critical words from peers, incorrect medical charts, etc. tell them it’s all about the “looks” and you’re overweight. Though most students don’t read your blog your words only add fuel to this blazing fire that’s burning kids up.
    Two weeks ago parents of a former student who struggled for years over weight said she eventually turned to alcohol to hide the pain. She is now an alcoholic.
    I continually teach that your worth must only come from how God made and sees you. In our youth room is a phrase we’ve used for years…”I am a unique, precious, treasured creation of the King of the universe.”
    There must be balance and caution that comes with our words and being overly focused on looks.
    When I worked out 6 days a week (resistance and cardio) it was impossible to fit into a medical weight chart. My daughters and their husbands work out daily and are preparing for a real triathlon next month. I value good health but don’t make it a focus or talk about it with students. They don’t need another message that reminds them they aren’t good enough.

    1. Good word Dennis… we do need to be careful to not make people feel like they need to measure up with their looks. At the same time, it’s good to promote good health, exercise and proper eating. So many young people today buy into consuming whatever they want. It’s good for us to model self discipline.

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