Done with Number 10

Posted on: 07/11/12 3:30 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Put on some Lionel Ritchie… because it’s time to “party, carumba, fiesta…” (Come on… you remember the song!)

Celebrate with me; I just finished my 10th youth ministry book! And in celebration, I’m implementing two huge discounts THIS WEEK ONLY exclusively for my readers:

1. I’m putting all my books ON SALE UP TO 40% OFF!

2. I’m also upgrading all shipping to PRIORITY SHIPPING on ALL U.S. ORDERS! (You just choose the cheap “Media-Mail” and I’ll automatically upgrade it to PRIORITY this week! It won’t show the upgrade… but I will! I promise!)


For those who have been following my blog, you know that the book I’ve been working on was MORE 10-MINUTE TALKS. I’m really excited about this book, because not only is it going to be a lot more of the same talks that youth workers loved from the first 10-MINUTE TALKS… but this one I co-wrote with my dad… who rocks!!!

The book will be coming out early 2013, so I’m told. I’m looking forward to it! Keep on eye on my blog and web sites. As always, I’ll offer an early release and special discount. You can sign up to receive that “RECOMMENDED BOOKS” email HERE.

Side note: for those anal-retentive, meticulous people who counted only 8 youth ministry books in the above picture, and then the one parenting book… you are correct. That’s because I didn’t post the pic of my one e-book, “What’s a Fo-Sheezy” which YS is relaunching in the YS Store soon. So that’s 9, and this new MORE 10-MINUTE TALKS is ten. I also didn’t count my Spanish book, because that’s just a Spanish version of Getting Students to Show Up. Happy?   🙂

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