Ashley’s Note

Posted on: 06/18/12 4:42 PM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s so good to have my kids all in the house.

Alec is back from college and the girls are adjusting to having him around again. It’s been really fun overall, but I can’t say it’s been without incident. Yesterday we found this note from Ashley taped to the upstairs bathroom door:


Isn’t it fun being a parent of three teenagers?

5 Replies to “Ashley’s Note”


    funny that I should get this today because my boyfriend and I just had the discussion last week about using the bathroom at each others’ apartment. He hadn’t felt comfortable and always needed to leave. I told him that it’s something that all humans do and it shouldn’t embarass him. However, yesterday I took that back and told him “Hon, you gots to go home from now on to do that. I think my cat just passed out.”

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