R U Listening?

Posted on: 01/8/12 5:27 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Some of you have already been hearing the buzz about our brand new YouTube videos for parents, R U Listening?

Last Thursday night we officially launched both the YouTube page and Facebook page, uploading two new videos by Friday morning. (Be sure and jump on the Facebook page today and “LIKE” us.)

The purpose is simple. We want to provide a resource where parents can listen to the felt needs of teenagers today, and think about healthy responses. My daughter Ashley hosts the show, sharing a teenage perspective, then each week we’ll hear responses from some parenting speaker and authors.

You’ll see an intro video called WATCH THIS FIRST, then we already released our first video in the series, with my response to a teenager named Natalie in Cincinnati who raises a good question about a double standard she perceives in her home. Here’s the first video:

I’m loving the potential for this resource for two reasons:

  1. Parents love tools that help them better understand young people today, and “R U Listening” provides a very honest teenage perspective, also providing some healthy way to respond.
  2. Each little video is only two to three minutes long. Parents want help, but they are busy! It’s nice how quick and accessible this resource is.

Help me spread the word to parents in your church and community. Jump on our www.Facebook.com/TheSource4Parents page and “LIKE” us today. Then ask your parents… R U Listening?

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2 Replies to “R U Listening?”

  1. I think this is a great idea and the advice you gave about yelling is good. Please continue this format of discussion.
    BTW: Your daughter did an awesome job!

    1. Didn’t she though! I’m a proud daddy! We’ve actually recorded a couple others already, just waiting on the responses… I’m amazed how many times she nails it in one take. We have some pretty funny outtakes as well. 🙂

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