Saying Goodbye

Posted on: 08/19/11 2:15 PM | by Jonathan McKee

The day is finally here… in one hour, we leave to take my son Alec over 300 miles away to begin his freshman year in college.

Alec is my oldest and this will be our first experience with one of our kids moving out. I can’t believe 18 years has past so quickly. We’ve been preparing for this for a long time. You’ve heard me mention it before, in this video, in my blog, etc. But today is the day!

We’ll drive down to Southern California tonight where we’ll stay with some amazing friends (my college room-mate Brian and his family), and then we’ll get up early tomorrow morning (Saturday) and drive the rest of the way, checking Alec into his dorm at 10AM. We’ll kiss him goodbye tomorrow night and head home.

I’m already preparing myself for the wealth of tears that are going to be flowing… in the seat next to me! Lori is going to be a wreck! I don’t know if I’ll actually cry. I’m so excited for Alec. The whole process is going to be pretty nice because Alec is actually excited about this new stage of life. He’s been looking forward to this for so long and he’s been talking about it all summer. Plus, the fact that he’s attending a nice Christian school where he’ll be studying Psychology, taking Bible classes… I’m just excited for him!

Enough said. I’m really proud of my little man!

Next time I write in this blog, I’ll have one away at college and I’ll be living in a house with three females! (Alec… help!!!!)

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