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Posted on: 07/5/11 10:53 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s a good day to be a reader of this blog. Fun announcements all around, including the 10 winners of our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page “Comment Contest.”

But first… a very cool little piece of news. I want to thank you all for being readers of this blog and helping it land in the 2011 list of the Top 20 Youth Ministry Blogs. I’m humbled to be part of that amazing list of writers… thanks so much for reading what I write! (Congrats to all my friends on the list as well: Tim, Greg, Kurt, Walt… too many to name)

Now let me announce the winners of our “Comment Contest.” The task was simple. Jump on our GAMES & ICEBREAKERS page and post a comments and/or rating. This helps us keep our resources current and fresh. This also will help us add a very cool feature to that page soon- we’re going to add a “sort” feature so that you can sort the list of games by “ranking.” This way you can see which games you- the viewers- like best.

We had 100s of comments and ratings come in providing your “two cents” about many of our over 900 games. This morning I randomly chose 10 winners. Five people win the new THOU SHALT LAUGH DVD (My two cents on that DVD here), and five people win their choice of any of my books in print (any of the books you see pictures of on the left hand side of this page).

Here are the winners! (I just emailed these people this morning!)

Thou Shalt Laugh 5
Ashley for her comment about the Alka-Seltzer On the Head Duel
Josh Shrable for his comment about Newspaper Name Nail (great game by the way)
Nathanael for his comment about the $1,000 Bill Exchange
Chad for his comment about Two Truths and a Lie (love that game… use it all the time!)
Robert for his comment about Candy Hunt
Chris Childs for his comment about Grab It
Lee for his comment about Battle of the Generations (also an awesome game!)
Dan Manns for his comments about Bear Hunt
Karen for her comment about the Penny Challenge
Carissa Hippen for her comment about Alphabet Getting to Know You

Thanks for being part of this blog!

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