Lame Tweet Guy Twitter Contest Winners

Posted on: 05/6/11 2:38 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last week we decided to have ourselves a little contest, and I offered a choice of any of my books to 5 winners (all the details here). A few minutes ago we just randomly drew the 5 winners.

The contest was simple. Sign up to follow either LameTweetGuy or me at InJonathansHead on Twitter. Those who did that were entered.

This contest has been fun. Since the contest has been running, LameTweetGuy has been really busy tweeting some of the most interesting tweets such as:

I love yawning!
I just paid my water bill.
I’ve got hairy elbows!
How do remote controls work?

and my favorite…

Fruit gives me gas.

Exciting stuff. (What do you expect from a guy named LameTweetGuy).

In the meantime, I’ve tweeted about Gaga’s new Judas video, “Three Buttons Every Parent Should Use,” What youth groups can do to have return visitors, some $10 and $15 training opportunities in KS and PA…. and more.

So a big thanks to our new followers. Here’s the 5 winners:

@Daveryfl, from New Port Richey, FL
@Mkranz86, from Michigan
@uthpastor, from Boerne, TX
@truthroots, from North Carolina
@jaredmburk, from PA

You 5, be sure to email me using the CONTACT US tab at the top right of this blog and tell me your name, full mailing address and which of these 8 books of mine you want me to mail to you.

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