Hilarious Promo

Posted on: 04/5/11 11:51 AM | by Jonathan McKee

This video was too good to not share.

As most of you know, our www.TheSource4YM.com has a “STUPID SKITS” page. Yes… they truly are just stupid skits. We’ve found that skits can be a fun way to break down walls with kids. Young Life has been using them successfully for years.

I just received an email from Joel, a Youth for Christ/Campus Life guy in Kansas who used one of the skits from our skit page, shooting it as a promo video for their Campus Life.

Hilarious! Check it out:

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.

(My favorite part is when the 300 music kicks in and the chair gets back up!)

Good job Joel! Give your kids props from us here at THE SOURCE!

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  1. I was very happy on how the video turned out. It was a smash and bash project. Very quick and one hit takes, but the kids and staff were awesome! Praise the Lord for such an awesome and funny video!

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