I Want Your Feedback

Posted on: 11/1/10 9:23 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve got something to brighten up your week… a newly revamped free resource, and another opportunity for you and 20 others to win Oakley’s, any of my books, DVDs and other prizes.

Here’s the skinny:

Today we were going to draw winners for all who participated in October’s CONNECT and WIN contest… but this past weekend, we just launched a new “comments and ratings” feature on our Youth Culture Window page, so we’re extending the contest just a few more days!

I’m throwing 10 more of my books in the mix to make this a little more interesting, and we’ll draw the winners this Thursday, giving away a pair of Oakley Sunglasses, a total of 16 of my books, 4 Amish Grace DVDs, and one of Dare 2 Share’s Gospel Journey Maui Youth Group Curriculum!  That means over 20 people will win a prize! Not bad.

So here’s what you do: It’s simple. Go to our Youth Culture Window page using the FREE RESOURCES & IDEAS dropdown menu on www.TheSource4YM.com. On that page you’ll find 161 Youth Culture Window articles. Those articles now have ratings and comments features at the bottom of each article. You can rate it 1 through 5 stars, and give us your feedback via comments. For every article you rate and/or comment… your name is entered into our contest once again!

NOTE: We’re using the honor system here– we know that no one will go through and blindly rate articles they haven’t read. We thank you for only rating or commenting on articles that you’ve read.

Go for it! Start commenting and rating articles now on this page: www.TheSource4YM.com/YouthCultureWindow

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