Alyssa’s Dance Ticket

Posted on: 10/2/10 4:33 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Okay… It’s time to chime in about this dance my daughter is going to tonight and what’s written on her ticket.

Alyssa, my 15-year-old, who is GORGEOUS, is going to Homecoming tonight with a nice young man from church. I’m not worried, but I probably should be, because when I was 15, some people probably thought I was “a nice young man from church.” And I wasn’t! (Well, I was kind, and courteous. But, looking back, I was not respectful to the girls I dated at all!)

So I have to share with you the warnings that this “ticket” has written on it from the school. Hilarious… yet revealing about today’s culture. (I’m laughing because I’m going to be chaperoning my son’s school dance next weekend, and I know I’ll be seeing some of this.)

Here’s a glimpse of what’s written on the ticket:

·        Are expected to face their partner at all times (no back to front motion)
·        Must maintain a 4 – 6 inch space from their partner
·        May not engage in ‘leg wrapping’
·        With the exception of feet, may not place body parts on floor
·        May not engage in grinding, moshing, or body surfing
·        May slow dance as long as it does not extend beyond hugging
·        May break dance as long as there is adequate space and prior approval has been obtained.
Students who fail to adhere to the dance policy will be given their one and only warning (wristband or I.D. Card). Any additional violations will result in the student being removed from the dance.

How would you have liked to be on the committee that had to come up with these guidelines? lol … I love their wording. I can imagine the meeting. “So how do we get them to stop humping each other on the dance floor? Can we say ‘no humping’ on the ticket?” “I know, let’s just call it, ‘no back to front motion.'”

Oh man!

Alyssa and I talked about it. The guy she’s going with is a friend, not a boyfriend. He’s a great guy and I think he’ll be really respectful. They’re going as a group, six kids from church, none of them are actually “boyfriend and girlfriend” … all just buddies. They should have a blast.

I’m sooooooo bummed that I’m missing it. I’ll be in San Diego teaching at the YS Convention. Sniff! Sniff!

Alyssa said she might text me and keep me posted. I’ll probably tweet a little about it if I hear from her.

(Please text me Alyssa!)  🙂


Lyssy texted me and told me she’s having a good time.

Also… her date’s li’l sis texted me a pic she took of the two of them. Awe… don’t they look sweet! (Sniff… my little girl is growing up!)

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  1. My youngest (daughter) is going to her first Homecoming dance this Saturday. I won’t get to see the ticket beforehand, but now I will ask her to keep it and bring it home. Have never heard that before, but LOVE that they are trying to stop all that kind of dancing. What boy out there made that up? I told my older daughter that, I completely blame the guys for that method. Girls just don’t get it, plain lack of experience! Awful, isn’t it that we have to watch against that?

  2. This is an ongoing issue with the kids in our town, including the “nice church kids.” At least they are trying to put some standards in place ahead of time, so the poor chaperones aren’t spending the whole night trying to decide if they should say something “or just let them be kids.”

  3. I asked my daughter all about the dance a couple days later. She laughed at my blog and said, “Almost all the kids were doing ALL those things on the ticket- especially the ‘not facing your partner’ and ‘back to front motion.'” She said when the chaperones would come by, kids would just stop, only to start up again as soon as the chaperones passed.

    That’s either very funny or very sad.

  4. Jonathan, Ginger and I chaperoned our homecoming dance and we experienced the EXACT thing you are talking about in this blog. We were truly saddened by it. So many very pretty ladies that dressed like total street girls looking like they were selling it. The grinding was crazy and to stop it was so hard. The lights were off so it was dark and the floor was so small that we had like 100 to 150 kids on the floor from start to finish for 4 hours with no break in the music. WOW what a shock.

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