The PG-13 Epidemic

Posted on: 06/2/10 1:02 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I am growing to hate PG-13 movies.

Just give me straight R… at least you’re being honest with me about what I should expect. Don’t give me this false expectation that this content is okay for 13-year-olds somewhere.

Last night my wife and I rented the fairly new to DVD/Blu Ray movie, Valentine’s Day... rated PG-13. The preview for this film looked pretty good. It’s a Gary Marshall film and it has an all star cast. Seriously… you’ll be surprised how many stars are in this.

So we gave it a try– just me and Lori, no kids.

I got a sour taste in my mouth about 12 minutes into it. Name it: hooking up, talk of threesomes, phone sex…

Now, I realize that not all “date flicks” are totally clean. I really like The Notebook… and that’s got some pretty steamy moments. I like Big Fat Greek Wedding, and that has premarital sex. I like Say Anything… again… premarital sex. But Valentine’s Day was in another league. I guess they are targeting all these women that love Sex and the City.

I guess that’s why I wrote the article years ago: Why I Allowed my 12-year-old to See Rater R… but Not PG-13!

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