Miley Truly “Can’t Be Tamed”

Posted on: 05/6/10 12:13 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I think Miley wants to make it clear:

I can’t be tamed
I can’t be saved
I can’t be blamed…

Her brand new video speaks it loudly- she doesn’t want to be Hannah Montana anymore. She wants to be Britney, Gaga, or Aguilera.

If you haven’t already bailed out of the Miley-Fan-Club by now… I think you should watch the video. I think you’ll agree with my previous forcast that her days as a positive role model for young girls are over. Check it out for yourself:

The secular media is even asking, ‘Is the Miley Video Too Sexy?”

What do you think?

This Sunday my Youth Culture Window article will go into much greater detail.

(ht to Dizzy)

7 Replies to “Miley Truly “Can’t Be Tamed””

  1. please tell me that the pendulum will one day swing back to actual singing, musical talent and wearing clothes that don’t consist of feathers, goggles, and pvc pipe. I sound like my dad but this theatrical overthe top goofypoo that ussually ends with a girl on girl kiss is so … played. Not to mention, terrible for our girls and guys. BILLYYY RAYYYY. seriously.

  2. Wow… This video is like Michael Jackson meets Lady Gaga meets awkward teenager who’s trying too hard to impress everyone and ends up just being awkward. It blows my mind what people will do to prove a point… you can grow up without going to the complete other end of where you were. Did you watch the “Frame by Frame” with her comments afterwards?

  3. I did a visual walkthrough of the evolution of Miley Cyrus in my 7th grade Religion classes yesterday that was enlightening for everyone (including myself). We put a cross on one end of the spectrum and left the other end blank (although Lady Gaga eventually took that spot). Miley started near the cross and ended up towards Britney (who was right before Gaga).

    We also put Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber on the map, who were “kind of” near the cross (closer than Miley for sure), but I asked them to keep their eyes on Bieber during these next few years. Although many of them LOVE Bieber I told them I thought he would probably go the Jesse McCartney route (from singing “Beautiful Soul” to “Body Language”)…

  4. Greg… interesting.

    I guess I’d want to make sure that the kids knew we were evaluating the messages, not judging the people.

    I would always want to be careful to be looking at this kind of media content simply so we could conclude, “I’m not going to listen to this because this goes against Biblical values.”

    I’m guessing that’s what you probably did.

  5. Right, right. Sorry – I made it sound like we just graded the souls of all these pop stars during class. We absolutely did not, or at least I tried to steer my students away from that.

    More than anything, we discussed Miley’s evolution in order to get a view of how our culture so often pulls us away from Christ, from the “top” (pop stars) right on down to the “rest of us” (if we let it).

    We have spent class time throughout the year looking more specifically at music and TV content in relation to Biblical values (which is always extremely worthwhile), but for this class we did more of a broad, Screwtape Letters-esque study of how the modern-day American current typically runs towards sin (and therefore, death – Rom 6:23) and how we, as Christians, will oftentimes have to go against the current (Rom 12:2).

    Lastly, I always try to include our discussions on pop culture by reminding my students that every celebrity is either our brother or sister in Christ, and that we have a duty to pray for them and those whom they affect.

    As always, thanks for the great work you do. I utilize your resources in my Religion classes all the time!

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