Another of Our Brand New FREE Training Videos

Posted on: 04/6/10 12:25 AM | by Jonathan McKee

About 10 days ago I tested one of our brand new short training videos on a group of several hundred youth workers in my training workshop at a conference on the East Coast. The video lays out little cartoon drawings of my “Six Types of Kids” on a whiteboard, unveiling a little bit about each kid. Fun stuff! The response we received was amazing. They all asked me where they could get the video.

I was happy to tell that group of youth workers that we’d be offering that video soon as another one of the free resources on our website.

And I wasn’t lying. Now it’s up!

The video is a tool I use in my CONNECT training workshop, helping youth leaders set the stage for connecting with the wide spectrum of teenagers they’ll encounter in youth ministry today. The video really fleshes out the six types of kids I introduce in chapter four of my new book, CONNECT.

Take a peek… and then feel free to chime in with your comments below.

3 Replies to “Another of Our Brand New FREE Training Videos”

  1. WOW. Awesome video. I can’t tell you how much that appeals to my learning style. I’ve read the book and have tried to give my vols an overview. This is going to make it so much easier. Makes me want to read it again.

  2. Great training video, I am a youth Minister and sometimes it feels you are thrown into the deep end things like this give you that extra confidence in the next steps forward and helping your youth group get to the next stage in theor spiritual journey

    God Bless form Sydney Australia:
    I also work for a Catholic Social Networking Site called Xt3 and have linked to your video in our youth ministry section:

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