Canned by ABC Because of His Principles

Posted on: 04/2/10 11:40 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I’ve always enjoyed Neal McDonough as an actor. I didn’t know much about him… still don’t. But I have to say that I’m impressed by his principles. Here’s a guy that has proved to be anything but a sellout.

Neal was just canned from a new ABC show three days into the filming because he refused to a do a sex scene. This move might have just cost him a million bucks. And this isn’t the first time he’s said no to big money because of his principles:

McDonough was sacked because of his refusal to do some heated love scenes with babelicious star (and Botox pitchwoman) Virginia Madsen. The reason? He’s a family man and a Catholic, and he’s always made it clear that he won’t do sex scenes. And ABC knew that. Because he also didn’t get into action with Nicolette Sheridan on the network’s Desperate Housewives when he played her psycho husband during Season 5. And he also didn’t do love scenes with his on-air girlfriend in his previous series, NBC’s Boomtown, or that network’s Medical Investigation. “It has cost him jobs, but the man is sticking to his principles…”

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In a world of sellouts… thanks for standing tall Neal!

(ht to my friend Becca for forwarding me the article)

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  1. I saw the same article and blogged about it, too! I agree with you that McDonough is to be praised for taking a stand for his faith and his family. My only issue is that in his career, he hasn’t had much of a problem portraying other immoral/illegal acts on screen. In ‘Walking Tall’, for instance, his character runs a seedy casino that is a front for drug distribution and (I think) prostitution. It’s another example of Hollywood’s confused morals.

    Still, though, the no-sex-scene stand is commendable, and I hope more Hollywood Christians will be emboldened by this story.

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