Lil Wayne ALMOST Goes to Jail

Posted on: 03/2/10 2:57 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m going to try to behave with this post.

As I write this, on March 2nd, Lil Wayne was supposed to be formally sentenced today and begin his jail time. (I can’t say that I was all teary eyed about it.) This morning MTV News even began their article on the subject with the words, “Barring any colossally unforeseen circumstances…”

Were those words prophetic? Because a fire broke out in the courthouse and his sentencing was delayed AGAIN!


RollingStone provides some details about the fire here… so does every other online newspaper.

I’ve chimed in on Lil Wayne’s music, his “role model” status, and his journey to prison before in this blog. My feelings are pretty evident on the matter. Lil Wayne is a pervert and a thug who is doing a great job at providing distracting content in the ears of our young people today. (How was that? Was that nice enough?)

I don’t want to seem unsympathetic. Lil Wayne needs Christ. And I hope that if I met him, Jesus would step in and show His love through me for Wayne. But at the same time, Wayne’s content is very distressing to me. I see the effect it’s having on young people today, and it saddens me. I’m hoping that his year in jail might make him think.

MTV News gave a little more details about the sentencing he was supposed to receive today. Here’s a snippet:

Barring any colossally unforeseen circumstances (or eight more root canals), Lil Wayne will be formally sentenced and finally turn himself in to begin his one-year prison sentence in New York on Tuesday (March 2).

The sentencing was scheduled for last month, but Wayne’s attorney requested a delay due to dental surgery the rapper required. Judge Charles H. Solomon agreed to the last-minute request and rescheduled the proceedings for March 2. The New Orleans MC has had more time than he requested to recover from a reported eight root canals in one day.

“I don’t want this to get pushed back anymore,” Judge Solomon told the rapper’s lawyer during his last appearance. “This is the last adjournment.”

Now with the fire… we’ll have to just wait and see.

2 Replies to “Lil Wayne ALMOST Goes to Jail”

  1. actually prison will not do him any more good than it already has it just gives him higher thug status!!!! in young peoples eyes what he needs is someone to show him a real relationship with Jesus !!!!!!!!!!


  2. The article you refer to has some crazy comments under it. Many of his fans are militant. The feeling is not so much that he’s innocent but that he needs to carry a firearm because of his position. I watched as much of his interview with Katie Couric as I could (I’m a fan of neither) and he basically tells her “I’m going to do what I want, when I want to.” That’s fine, but it’s time to go to jail for it.
    I appreciate your desire for his salvation. And I agree with biggreen that he needs to find a relationship with Jesus. I just prayed for him myself, but along with this fierce love we have for him needs to come a fierce denouncement of the way he lives his life. He is a horrible person at this moment. Ask him. Guys like him make me want to get all John the Baptisty up in here.

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