Super Bowl Resources

Posted on: 02/4/10 5:59 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Sunday is the big game… and I’m on a plane during the entire thing! (Second year in a row that this happened. I’ll be flying back from speaking at a camp again!)

Well, even though I’m not going to see the game myself, let me leave you with a handful of free resources and articles that you might want to use for Sunday:

Every year we provide a “Ready-made Super Bowl Party” complete with our annual Super Bowl Quiz. This is a blast- it’s a quiz that you hand people as they show up at your Super Bowl Party, then you tally the scores during the game- because the quiz asks them questions predicting what will happen during the game (i.e. Who will catch the first pass?, Will Pepsi or Coke have the first commercial? Who will win? etc.) Great fun. We released our Ready-made Party and Quiz in this week’s EZINE here.

This is a great talk with discussion questions that you can use during half time or anytime this weekend about a true hero of our faith, Kurt Warner, the famed MVP and Super Bowl champion quarterback.

It’s been all over the news. But in case you missed it… here’s the skinny from USA TODAY:

CBS, already likely to score an epic Super Bowl rating given the NFL’s season-long surge in viewership, has picked up new momentum: It will have the most controversial TV ad — perhaps the only really controversial ad — to ever air during America’s biggest TV show.

The 30-second spot comes from the Christian advocacy group Focus on the Family. It features Tim Tebow, who quarterbacked Florida to two college football titles and won the Heisman Trophy and now becomes the rare athlete who goes anywhere near associating with a controversial issue outside sports.

Click here for the entire article.

Enjoy the game! (and save me some hot wings!)