Who Teenagers Call, Trust, Talk With…

Posted on: 01/11/10 1:02 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Who would your kids call first if they were in trouble? Mom? Dad? Friends? Boy/Girlfriend?

Good question. I’m sure Mom and Dad would be curious of that answer. What about these questions?

  Who do they trust the most?

  Who understands them best?

  Who can they talk most openly with?

These are just some of the questions asked in a recent study by Harris Interactive. Check out the top two answers to each question, by age, recorded on this chart:

Mom and Dad scored pretty high on the first question, and stayed on the chart with most the questions to 8-12 year-ods. But Dad dropped off the radar with teenagers on question number two, “Who do you trust the most?” Sad. Actually, Dad drops off the list for every other question to teenagers, where Mom maintains her status as number two in many instances.

Interesting stuff. And a sobering glimpse for dads.

Harris Interactive has a little youth culture newsletter that goes out every few months titled “Trends & Tudes.” It’s usually got some pretty good studies about today’s teenaged attitudes and trends.

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3 Replies to “Who Teenagers Call, Trust, Talk With…”

  1. Ok so I went to that website and cannot find that newsletter that has that information, which newsletter was it?

  2. Devon… I also peeked around the site and couldn’t find their most recent newsletter. I don’t know if they don’t archive their most current letter or what. I’m guessing we have to wait until their next one is out. Sorry.

    I makes you glad to have such an easy navigational site like TheSource4YM.com. 🙂

  3. This hepled me out I’m doing a paper for school. I have to Compare/Contrast talking to your mom and talking to your friends. I was just wanting to do some research and see a graph of the results. Who do teens talk to the most? That is it what I wanted to know this helped Thanks for posting this….

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