Phoenix to Sacramento

Posted on: 12/30/09 4:32 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Ah… the good ol’ I-5.

California residents know what I’m talking about… one of the most boring drives in the nation. The Interstate 5 running North and South in California! Forget any pictures of California you’ve seen in the movies… the I-5 is as boring and desolate as they come. Every other state I fly into has greener and prettier pastures.

It’s 5:30 a.m. right now, and I’m about to launch on a trip from Phoenix, AZ (visiting my wife’s family) all the way to Sacramento. It will be about 14 hours with quick stops. We’re gonna to it straight (with help from my wife and my 16 year old driving here and there). We start on the 10 going West, and in about 4 and a half hours, jump on the 210 cutting over to the 5… then it’s 5 all the way home!

Sacto here I come!


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3 Replies to “Phoenix to Sacramento”

  1. Dude, you’ve gotta give us East Coasters a picture…
    (BTW – Book came in the mail this week, and I’m stoked.)

  2. Okay so i agree that driving in California is boring that is what book tapes (CD) or for, flying is faster but not convient is you are packing a party

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