It’s About Time!

Posted on: 12/23/09 1:02 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s been a long haul… but my new book is finally in stock!

Those of you who have been my blog subscribers for a while now have been following the progress of my new book about engaging in one-on-one conversations with kids, a book titled CONNECT. Well… it’s finally released! I just got copies yesterday, and those of you that pre-ordered the books… they are in the mail.

CONNECT is my 7th book. It’s all about mentoring kids in one-on-one relationships. It deals with everything from how to talk with kids when you first meet them, how to engage them in spiritual conversations, and how to disciple believers. The book also provides a training exercise that youth ministry leadership teams can do together to take a spiritual inventory of their youth ministry and keep their leaders accountable to connecting with kids.

After teaching this material at a training workshop for a couple years now, I’ve decided to make my ppt training available to anyone who buys the book uniquely from us (click here for more about this).

I’m really excited to see this book finally arrive. If you missed the excitement, you’ll want to read my earlier blog about what happened with the first printing of the book. Well… we have copies of the book in stock now… a great gift for all the adult leaders on your youth ministry team!  🙂

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