Annual Movie Review Podcast

Posted on: 12/19/09 11:10 AM | by Jonathan McKee

I can’t believe that this is our third one… wow… time flies.

Many of you listen to our THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY podcasts. We’ve been doing them since May of 2007. And yesterday we just launched our third annual Movie Review Podcast (so much fun).

This is the podcast where Todd and I get together, review our favorite films of the year, review a film together and then talk a little bit about using movies in ministry. This is a chance for you to actually hear the two guys that bring you all the reviews on our MOVIE REVIEW page. If you like movies or are looking for movies to use for discussing with kids… you’ll enjoy this podcast.

This year Todd and I start by reviewing New Moon. Funny… we talk quite a bit about how parents should respond to this film.

Then we share our favorite five films of the year– five films you won’t see on other critics’ list. Films that your average joe will enjoy.

Pop on our podcast page and take a look. Or… just go to iTunes and search for Jonathan McKee and you’ll see THE SOURCE FOR YOUTH MINISTRY podcast as a choice.


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