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Posted on: 12/7/09 12:29 PM | by Jonathan McKee

You guys like free stuff, right? Well… I’ve got something for ya. Those of you who have been subscribers of my blog for a while might remember me talking about a Christian film I got a chance to screen, a film titled, To Save a Life. The writer of the film, Jim Britts, is a buddy of mine, and he just hooked me up with some free stuff to give away to you guys. I’ve got 10 things to give away. So I thought we’d have another little contest. More on that in a minute.

This film is one you really should check into. It’s releasing in the theatres January 22 and is something I would use in two ways. One, I’d use it to open doors to spiritual conversations with my outreach kids. Secondly, I’d definitely use this as a tool with my student leaders to help them start thinking about reaching out to their friends at school and what that actually looks like. The film addressed typical church youth group “hypocracy” like no other.

I really enjoyed this film (you can check out my earlier blog about it here, where I gave my complete “two cents” on the film and received a few comments that got pretty interesting). As I mentioned, it’s a fantastic tool to show to a small group of kids or even an entire youth groups and discuss afterwards. It’s very real… even a little edgy at parts (You can see their new trailer here on their official site).

Jim is giving me three of his Youth Curriculum Kits to give away to you (a cool little kit with a seven week teaching series- it’s got a leaders guide, a DVD with clips from the film, ppts, and more)… and seven of the To Save a Life Novels. Cool stuff!

So here goes: a little “google-proof” movie trivia again since we’re talking about movies here:

The first three people that use the comment feature of this blog to answer just one of the questions below correctly, get the To Save a Life Kits. The 7 runner ups get the novels.

*BONUS PRIZE: Because of the rapid rate at which people won the first contest, I offered a bonus prize to any of those who could answer questions 1 or 3 below (because question 2 turned out to be “Googlable!) To those bonus winners, I put them on the list to receive a copy of my new CONNECT book coming out this month. Only two additional people got it. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. All comments are posted below now.

1. What scene of what movie did actor Richard Dreyfuss refer to when he said that he didn’t even have to make up his interest in another actor because he was so captivated by his performance? (those are my words, so you can’t Google his real words!)   🙂   ANSWER: Jaws, during Quint’s speech

2. In what movie does Joe say, “I got Ice Capades!”   ANSWER: Joe Junior says it in my wife’s favorite film ever, While You Were Sleeping. Then he says, “I know a guy!”

3. What scene of what movie did Morgan Freeman shoot, only to come onto the set the next day with an ice-pack on his shoulder, with no mention of it or no complaint?   ANSWER: The baseball throwing scene in Shawshank Redemption.

That’s it. If you don’t know it, ask your movie geek friends. First 10 people with correct answers win!

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  1. Answer to question #3 about Morgan Freeman being sore.

    When Red met Andy on the field Red was playing catch. That Scene was shot multiple times taking most of the day causing Red’s arm to be sore.

  2. What scene of what movie did Morgan Freeman shoot, only to come onto the set the next day with an ice-pack on his shoulder

    A. Waiting for Gene: Under Suspicion

  3. I missed the movie room prize, so here’s my second shot…

    “I Got Ice Capades” — While You Were Sleeping

    Richard Dreyfuss (this one is a guess)– Quint (Robert Shaw) in the USS Indianapolis scene in Jaws.

  4. Here’s my attempt at question #1:

    Mr. Holland’s Opus in the scene when he is directing and singing “Beautiful Boy” to his son Cole and his deaf classmates.

  5. As of right now (9:47 a.m. Pacific time), we have all 10 TO SAVE A LIFE prize winners. That leaves only the 5 bonus prize winners that will get my new CONNECT book. So those that can answer questions 1 or 3… go for it.

    Winners so far…

    Ryan K
    Adam R

    Scott Z.
    Josh B.
    Jason R.
    Daryl A.
    Brian K.
    Rachael D.
    Jason B.

  6. 3. Is it the scene in Shawshank Redemption where Morgan is playing catch? I’ve read that they played catch pretty much the whole day and the next day I can only imagine that his shoulder probably hurt pretty bad.

  7. #3. the ice pack had to be after the “I hear you’re a man who knows how to get things” baseball scene in Shawshank where he’s throwing a baseball in the prison yard. “it’d take a man 100 years to dig out with a rock hammer.”

  8. Okay… two winners for the bonus prize so far. Three to go.

    I’m still holding back and not posting any correct answers for questions 1 and 3… I’ll post them all once they are up.

  9. to be honest i have not the foggiest idea what any of the answers are. But, i do love free stuff for our youth!!!Thanx!

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