Chris and Wayne Moving Up Fast

Posted on: 11/1/09 8:46 AM | by Jonathan McKee

Last Tuesday a new song and video was released by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, a song called I Can Transform Ya.

I blogged about it earlier in the week, predicting that it would move up the charts fast. Unfortunately, I didn’t know exactly how accurate my guess would be. Today the video (only 5 days old) is already #5 on iTunes, and rapidly moving to the top 10 in downloaded songs. It’s crazy how fast this song is moving up the charts. When I checked iTunes this morning, the video was #7. It has risen 2 spots in just 10 hours!

This song, where Lil Wayne says that he can “transform a good girl to a freak” (my earlier blog about it gave you a glimpse of the lyrics) is the same ol’ trash that hip hop has been dishing out for years. It’s not “explicit” by the world’s standards (no cuss words), it just objectifies women and refers to sex as casually as any other recreational activity.


I’m just sad that I was correct about its rise on the charts.

Keep your eye on it… it will keep rising.