Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty… but Doesn’t Feel Guilty

Posted on: 10/24/09 10:20 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s so hilarious to me, it’s hard for me to even report.

Here it is, in a nutshell: Lil Wayne gets pulled over AGAIN because the police smelled Marijuana emanating from his tour bus (not the first time this has happened). When authorities entered the bus, they saw him throw a Louis Vuitton bag to the floor… a bag that contained a .40 caliber.

My words of advice to Lil Wayne:

1. Don’t carry a gun.

2. If you’re gonna carry a gun, don’t brag that you always carry a gun, like in your foul song, Always Strapped

3. If you’re gonna carry a gun, don’t also brag that you carry a gun AND are “ducking the law,” like in your song, F**k the World, or your song She Feelin’ Me where you say “f**k the police” and then describe that your gal hides weed in her… (Well… I just don’t think I should dive that deep into a woman’s anatomy in this blog- peek at the lyrics for yourself if you’re curious) … but Wayne, you’re just daring a cop to pull you over!

4. If you’re gonna carry a gun, brag about carrying a gun, AND badmouth the police, don’t carry a gun in New York, where in 2006, they passed a bill, that then-Governor George Pataki changed into law, where mere possession of a loaded weapon in New York State is a felony, whether you planned to use the gun or not.

5.  If you’re gonna carry a gun, brag about carrying a gun, badmouth the police, AND get pulled over in New York, then don’t whine that you’re treated unfairly and act like such a victim. You got caught. Face it. Do your time like T.I. and shut up about it. After all, this isn’t your first run in with the law:

  • In August, 2006 you were arrested in Atlanta for possession of a controlled substance. During your stay at the Twelve Hotel, management smelled marijuana and called the police, who found two illegal drugs. (Yeah, you eventually beat those charges.)
  • Out on bond, you got arrested in Boise in October 2007 for a felony fugitive charge linked to your Atlanta arrest (Yeah, you beat those too.)
  • In January 2008 your tour bus was stopped in Yuma, AZ where border patrol agents found marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy. (You still have to stand trial for that one next March. Beat that one!)
  • Those arrests don’t even include your legal suits like the one you settled with The Rolling Stones for sampling their song, and the two suits by concert promoters for taking advances and not performing (you’re obviously a real man of integrity!)

But Wayne… I’ve gotta give you props for being smart enough to plea on this New York gun charge. You’ll probably only do 8-10 months, where if you wouldn’t have plead, you’d have been looking at 3 and a half years if found guilty by trial.

Thus endeth my advice to Lil Wayne.

Perhaps Wayne is finally going to eat his words. He talks pretty big in all his lyrics, in songs like, F**k You, where he said, “Murder ain’t nuttin’ but a misdemeanor.”

Well too bad gun possession is a felony!

Even though Wayne is finally going to be held accountable for his actions, it’s interesting that in this country, it looks like he never will be held accountable for his words. This week’s plea by Lil Wayne is rather timely, only days after the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released their report that “the effect that popular music has on children’s and adolescents’ behavior and emotions is of paramount concern.”

Then I wonder what effect the lyrics of Lil Wayne’s hit song Lollipop had on our kids, a song that adults gave him a Grammy for, the song that rode the number one slot more than almost any other song last year, the song that was the #3 most downloaded song last year.


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10 Replies to “Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty… but Doesn’t Feel Guilty”

  1. My #1 guilty pleasure in life is listening to Jon Mckee rip on Lil’ Wayne. I know we both would love for him to get his life straightened out and give his heart to Jesus, but until that day I will continue to cross my fingers and eagerly wait for his bus to be stopped again so my boy J-mac can slay him again. btw he can’t trace this e-mail can he?

  2. I think you as a person who has to write these articles should at least put it in the artist posistion. The reason lil wayne raps the way he does is mainly because of one thing and its the main thing in life money. All kids wanna hear about is sex, money, drugs, f**ck the police and so on he just trys to relate weve seen this in the past like with ice-t and eminem. If wayne wasnt doing this now somebody else would be for sure. Plus if you actually listened to his music and chilled out a little bit like his songs say you would see there not half bad. Compared to artist like ICP and Twisted, Lil Wayne isnt that bad.

    1. I hate ppl that discriminate aqainst Wayne.. They dont take the time to actually listen to his lyrics. They just hear “Bitchez&hoez” and automatically tune him out.. The man is a whooole lot smarter than most think. go watch some of his interviews .

  3. I think this is ridiculos, stop trying to make lil wayne feel bad just cause your jealous that hes rich and is a cash money Millionaire and ist the king of the universe i hope that wayne does get to read the shit you talk about him so he will laugh and blow sum damn smoke in your face. Get a life. you only wish you were wezzy f baby

  4. you’re writing blogs while he’s a millionaire. obviously he’s doing something right. keep talking, you’re making him famous. more famous than he already is.

    1. Interesting, that a girl would be a fan of Lil Wayne when all he refers to you as is a “b*tch” or a “ho.” I don’t know who I feel more sorry for, her, or him.

  5. umm, sorry but you obviously spend a lot of your time studying lil wayne and worrying about what he’s doing for you hate him or dislike him so much. you have no life! you waste a good 30 minutes of your time everyday writing WACK ass blogs….your at home doing this while he’s making millions of dollars..NOW, the question is..who should I feel more sorry for ? you or him ? because, people are seriously laughing at your ass because he makes wayyyyyy more money than the minutes you spent writing this..lmao #HATERS!

    1. I’ll actually leave comments like this up, because I think they actually reveal a lot about the mentality of the fans. Interesting. Since he’s making money, I should be jealous of him. Hmmmmm. So I guess that is the scale of measure for life, right? How much money you make? Wow. Poor school teachers. They must be of little value to society.

  6. Yo dawg G yo money cash word gangsta kill people thug life yo

    stop hatin on my dawg wayne yo, you jes jealous that he is more richer and gangsta balla den you

    its the same as all those people hatin on adolf hitler all the time, that guy was loaded and had so much power. who cares if he was evil or immoral, respect… zieg heist!!

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