Miley in ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ Sequel

Posted on: 10/19/09 4:11 PM | by Jonathan McKee

I’m DONE sharing my two cents about Miley- I’ll just report the facts. Last time I defended her, she showed up the next day at the Teen Choice Awards… uh… well… just click here if you don’t know.

And now, Miley seems to have made another “interesting” decision, the decision to cameo in the sequel to Sex in the City: The Movie (The MPAA gave the first movie an ‘R’ rating “for strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language”)

Let me back up. Back in 2008 Miley shared with her fans (dare I remind you- girls aged between 6 and 14) that her favorite TV show is HBO’s Sex and the City and she wished that her own Disney kids show could be more like it. (read her exact words here)

Last month, rumors began surfacing that Miley might show up in a cameo in the Sex and the City: The Movie sequel. Now those rumors are confirmed. Miley is going to be in the film as herself, showing up on the red carpet wearing the same dress as Kim Cattrall’s character in the show, Samantha.


Nice collar!

Okay, okay. No other comments from me about that.

I just think that youth workers and parents need to keep in mind that this young lady is definitely a role model to our kids, specifically our young girls. As I type this, her “Party in the USA” song has made it to #1 yet again on iTunes. Miley’s influence is only growing.

She’s in the limelight. The question is, “What are our kids seeing in that light?”


2 Replies to “Miley in ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ Sequel”

  1. “I’m done sharing my two cents about Miley- I’ll just report the facts.”….yada yada.”Nice collar.” Thanks for breaking your own rule and giving me that chuckle.

    I always feel like a crazy zealot on this stuff, but the most dangerous satanic tricks are the ones that look harmless. My 6 year old neice loves Miley. Shoot, my 3 year old knows her from the commercials during Phineas and Ferb. How long is it before her fave show at least gets on their (6-14) must watch list.

    come on Billy Ray, help a brother out.

  2. She is flipping 16..SIXTEEN..years old! Miley Cyrus will single-handedly (with use of her obnoxious voice and other negative qualities) destroy the world’s youth! That girl needs to just stop before the entire child population becomes sex-crazed freaks! Shame on you, Miley!

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