A Bible for the Digital Generation

Posted on: 10/16/09 10:57 AM | by Jonathan McKee

It’s always interesting to see what new ideas people are coming up with to try to capture the attention of this young “digital” generation.

Enter the GLO Bible, stage left.

Glo’s YouTube ad says, “God’s Word is sacred and perfect. But with Glo, it’s amplified.”

Check it out:

(click here for the video if you don’t see the video above)

Interesting. They’re really marketing toward the fact that, ‘times have changed.”

It’s funny. I wonder how different this is than many of the Bible software that’s already out there. I admit, the maps, and the hours of HD video look pretty cool.

This “Guardian” article quotes the GLO Bible creator Nelson Saba, a former aeronautical engineer and banker:

“There is nothing wrong with the Bible but we have two generations which favour interactive media. Unless you put the Bible on that media you won’t connect with them. It’s not about mimicking paper. It’s about offering an experience.”

The article goes on to talk about some of the ways they, and I quote, “put a fresh spin” on scripture. 

Hmmmmm. It will be interesting to see.

(ht to David R. Smith, youth culture guru)