Running for You

Posted on: 10/15/09 2:44 PM | by Jonathan McKee

Last Saturday I ran 10 miles… for you!

Saturday was one of our ministry’s fund-raisers, a little event called ENDURE. People either biked 100 km or ran 10 miles. I opted to run, because that only takes 90 minutes, and riding would take 4 hours!  🙂

As a blog subscriber, you probably are familiar with the fact that those of us at love to provide you with truly free resources, articles and training ideas. So last Saturday, I did something to make that happen. I ran to keep the resources free.

The run was fun. I had been training for it and had worked up to 10 miles, even running 10 miles a few times just weeks before the race. But race day was a little harder, probably because I had spent a ton of time loading and unloading for the event just hours before. My legs were tired! Regardless, I finished at an average of a 9:01 pace. (I had hoped to beat 9:00)

For those of you that are just hearing about this for the first time… you can still help!

I sent out an email to our EZINE subscribers (that’s a free weekly newsletter that highlights the new resources and articles on every week) asking them for their help. I wanted to give you an opportunity as well.

I know that there are literally tens of thousands that use our free resources that have no budget. We want to be able to keep providing to those people. So for those of you that have the means to help out just a little, jump onto this page: and make a tax deductable donations via VISA/MC. You can make it a general donation, or you can sponsor me; either way the money goes 100% toward the free resources, articles and training ideas we provide.

It can be $10, $25, $50, or $100. Just do whatever you feel. I ran the 10 miles… you just run your card through!  🙂

I thank you for the important work you do as youth workers and parents. You truly are the reason I do what I do. Thanks for allowing Christ’s love to work through you!

God Bless,

Jonathan McKee, President,

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